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But my brain is damaged beyond repair. There are so many deep scars inflicted on the outside and inside of this worn out body. The body I have continued to share with the same man as well as a handful of strangers.

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The body that has gone through the best and yet worst experience of my life. I was shattered into a million pieces and most of those pieces are lost. But I rebuilt my temple and the armour I wear.

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I picked myself up from the depths of despair and trudged forward. Forever wounded. Bleeding within. Six years ago I thought I experienced the worst thing to ever happen in my life. And then the foundation of who I thought I was came crashing down September And this began the year of some of the deepest pain and suffering that no one should have to endure.

And yet I carry it with me.


In my wartorn heart. Barely beating. Almost empty of love to give. Holding onto the last sliver of hope that I will find my peace someday. Until then… I fight the darkness from closing in on me.

And the demon from taking what remains of my heart and soul. Maybe the shackles are less about restraint and more about release. Because sometimes freedom can only be won through surrender.

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After Dark. Here I am, insignificant and practically powerless. Its not so difficult once we make up our mind. All we have to do is separate from the flesh, leave all substance behind, and allow ourselves to become a conceptual point of view devoid of mass. With that accomplished, we can pass through any after, leap tumblr any abyss. Haruki Murakami, After Dark Submitted by: acrascia. Her pupils have taken on a lonely hue, like grey clouds reflected in a calm lake.

But I do want to thank you for taking time out to talk with dark.

“إنني أتخبط وحسب طوال الوقت داخل عالمي الصغير”

If I get it or if there's another way to confirm my age, may I be aloud to come back and show you? But of course, anything that contains your date of birth is usable to enter the server. Im sorry for not replying sooner. My studies took a hard turn the past week. But do tumblr mean you're having a hard time finding my discord? Im so sorry sunny leone fuckinh real anything is not working.

I'll be happy to link you any of my works you need and Im so sorry Im not too familiar with this kind of process. It opened February as a general-interest site in the mold of Tumblr and the earlys version of After. Pillowfort held a second Kickstarter in Augustbut really took off with the Tumblr NSFW ban because of its liberal content policies. Pillowfort tumblr about 47, members, but its slow growth is deliberate. The site after working on modest ways dark bring in money—such as extra blog-customization dark reflect more of an intimate, user-supported community than a mega entertainment site.

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Users will also have to pay for uploads greater than a few megabytes. They can already embed any kinds of videos, including porn, from other sites.

The internet is for porn—and cats and comic books and many other things—at Pillowfort. By Sean Captain 7 minute Read. Cashing in Moneymaking is the challenge for all of these sites, and different approaches are emerging. Design Co.