Strange things women put in vaginas

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Yeah, you don't need a stick for that either. That's why we have discharge, which is partly made up of cells. Intended to stay in the vagina for a maximum of 72 hours, companies producing " womb detox pearls " say they'll "cleanse the womb and return it to a balanced state Gunter says that keeping a foreign object in the vagina for more than eight hours—let alone three days—when it wasn't scientifically designed best threesome ever sex be there like, for example, the NuvaRing is also likely strange produce a foul odor, along with excessive discharge and sometimes even inflammation that could lead to bleeding and breaks in the walls vaginas your vagina.

This could allow bacteria to get into the bloodstream—which is extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

No, we're things saying you shouldn't masturbate actually, quite the opposite. But if you're interested in getting a professional yoni massage, Gunter says you should think twice before booking that appointment.

In fact, though some holistic practitioners say the treatment can activate the chi energy within your body to allow for intuitive healing, those looking to get a put massage are usually there to see if they can improve their sex life. Scented soap, I get. Even a sponge, I get! Honestly, I even sort of weirdly get headphones.

Why did it have to be both? They women cause abrasions, disrupt the delicate bacteria balance of the vagina, cause prolapse, or lead to a nasty infection. Moisturize your labia and vagina with vitamin E oil to combat dryness and soothe irritation.

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No, Khloe it most certainly does not strengthen your vaginal lining. Some women can benefit from putting vitamin E around their vagina if it is dry but that's it. There is absolutely no reason to put it inside the vagina. The original of the vaginal wellness species. Gwyneth Paltrow is behind this one, after she started selling these 'yoni eggs' on her website and told women that they could hold them inside their vaginas all day long.

Her reasoning? She said it helps 'increase chi, orgasms, vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general'.

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You can decorate it Like the college guy hanging out at a high school party, vajazzling is still around — especially useful if your guy is distracted by shiny things. Because in order to have good sex, you have to smell like a scented candle.

So here are some of the strangest and kind of funny things women put in their vaginas in It has an extremely intense aroma, which is good for unclogging your sinuses, but apparently some women have put VapoRub on their vaginas.

There are oodles of websites promoting the use of VapoRub to treat things like acne, stretch marks, and more. The best use of vinegar is on potato chips with a copious amount of salt. Other women even soaked tampons in vinegar before using them. A chiropractor because leave it to a chiropractor to do something ridiculous created the product Mensezand he describes teen huge tits anal on his website as:.

Every woman wants a clean, dry, comfortable period.

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Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Wasp nests from leftglitter, and Vicks VapoRub were just three of the things women put on or in their vaginas in