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The gothic maiden look is a great way to take advantage of the corset, which is a staple in the steampunk world. Lace it up tight to maximize your cleavage and add a long, full skirt in a rich color like crimson or violet. Long, flowy sleeves and elbow length satin gloves will add to your mournful temptress look, and a feathered hat with netted veil will add chunky sexy naked chicks touch steampunk the sexy, playful whimsy that the steampunk genre is known for.

Black lipstick and some leather lace up Victorian boots will complete your gothic maiden theme and make you look like you've been wandering the halls of a dusty old mansion, waiting for another man to cast your seductive spell pics.

This theme combines leather, gadgets, and a touch of grunge to make you look like you crawled out of radioactive dumpster in the midst of a post apocalyptic hellscape. In the sexiest way possible, of course. Skintight leather that hugs every curve is key here, and make sure it's spiked or studded for a little futuristic flair.

Add a leather corset to amp up your cleavage, and then go nuts with the gadgets. An oversized monocle and elbow length leather gloves are a good start, but really think outside the box and use a gigantic pocket watch as a belt, or create a leather breastplate that further enhances the ample assets you've created with your corset.

Your hair should be extreme, so consider a bright color or chunky braids. But don't try to look too perfect. Your gadgets should be a little rusty, and your leather can even be torn or ripped. This is the apocalypse after all, and the streets of the city belong to you. Steampunk cosplay can use elements of the old west, but by combining 19th century western style with leather and futuristic details, steampunk completely unique and utterly sexy look can be created.

The bounty hunter theme is for the woman who really wants to create a buzz at the next convention she goes to. A tattered and studded leather corset top and matching skintight mini sexy create a tantalizing saloon girl look, but to really take this costume to the next level of steampunk, you have to break out the gadgets.

A leather top hat sexy goggles are practically required, but pics even better is an entire belt steampunk of contraptions that look like they've been hammered out of scrap metal, including a canteen and pocket watch. And since you're an undercover bounty hunter, a prop bronze pics and studded handcuffs are a necessity. Add some bold red lips to make it look like you're a dirt kicking badass ready to punish any outlaw who crosses you. There's something to be said pics a more reserved, understated sex appeal, and of course steampunk cosplay has steampunk theme for that.

The mysterious librarian look fully embraces the Victorian fashion that's such an important part of the steampunk genre, and while this look is a little more covered up than some other costume options, it's still devastatingly seductive.

A white, high necked blouse is the key to this look - don't try to break out the cleavage on this sexy. You can, however, add a snug leather vest that subtly draws attention to your curves. Wear it on sexy of a full length skirt that rustles a little when you walk by. Since this is steampunk, leather and futuristic gadgets are key. A high necked leather collar adds a touch of delicious depravity, and fingerless gloves that are covered in metal gauges and gears are playful and whimsical.

Since you are a librarian, albeit a sexy one, put on a pair of thin round wire rimmed glasses, or carry an oversized monocle.

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You'll look like a buttoned up intellectual, but with a fanciful steampunk twist. This cosplay theme is definitely more on the playful side, with elements of dark Victorian flair that also make for a very seductive steampunk look. Imagine a smoky burlesque house on the edge of town where the drinks are strong sexy the girls are gothic vamps. Any lady working here is a burlesque vixen, and this costume is relatively simple to design. A short, flared black dress and sheer stockings create a steampunk of spooky seduction, while fingerless lace gloves, elaborate metal choker and an oversized top hot add a touch of sexy steampunk whimsy.

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You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. Love the artwork sexy this coloring book and the story pics goes along with each character. I have fallen in love with all things Steampunk and these images do not disappoint.

Good quality paper that doesn't bleed through and solid lines. Steampunk costumes are quit detailed so may be a strain for some but I just use my good reading glasses for the little details. There are not as many pages in this coloring book as most but still quite a few images that are all frame worthy.

Top critical review. Beth Johnson Top Contributor: Coloring. This is my first steampunk book.

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I've always wanted to try one. The pictures are cute but some areas have too much black and you can't color over it. Opposite pages tells a story of each steampunk character. Pages are single sided on standard weight paper. I do not recommend markers as it will bleed through and cover the story on the back page. This is a cute book. Sort by.

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