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Some are electrically operated and some works manually with a little pumping bulb.

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What it does is it vacuums the penis so that it pulls blood for an erection. There are some people who like penis pumps as a sensation. They just like the sensation of the suction and the pumping. And the question is — How do you know know if your sex toys have phthalates? Learn how from our guest contributor Dr.

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Kat and get some ideas on how to get phthalate free sex toys. Ask Dr. Kat fan asking if it's okay to use an electric toothbrush as a vibrator.

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Kat smiled and answered this question smartly in this post. Not to worry. This is Whether you are a beginning Kinkster or a seasoned BDSM expert, there are a treasure trove of kinky sex toys available on the market today.

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No matter what your kinky persuasion, fetish fantasies o…. Source: popmycherryreview. You will find rechargeable vibrators to rabbit vibrators to dildos and love eggs and so much more. Apr 05, Nov 12, Oh yes please! Top Photos.

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