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School principal who banned 'homosexual content' 'sent child sex abuse photos' | Metro News

Now researchers say the same trends are trickling down to younger students in middle school. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics found that a significant number of adolescents between ages 12 and 14 sext, and that these children are more likely to kiss, have oral sex or sexual intercourse than their counterparts who did not send such explicit messages. The study surveyed seventh grade students from five urban public middle schools in Rhode Island.

More concerning, say the scientists, was that sexting was associated with a higher likelihood of sexual behaviors such as touching genitals, oral sex, and vaginal sex. According to the study authors, teens who sexted were four to seven times more likely to also partake in sexual activities. Students that admitted to sending pictures showed even higher rates of sexual activity. The sexting adolescents also reported that they felt family members and peers were more likely to approve of various sexual activities.

And they admitted to higher rates of intending to engage in sexual acts than their non-sexting friends. Michael, a year-old high school student in New York, says sexting is popular in his high school, and generally viewed japanese group orgy not a big deal.

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And even though his high school talks to students about bullying in substance abuse, he says sexting has never been discussed or punished. That could make adolescents who may not be mature enough to understand the possible consequences of exchanging sexually explicit messages vulnerable to sexual predators, say the study authors.

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