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Big booty backshots more talented wives beloved musicians have stripped for Rolling Stone over the years. But multiple generations of former teen idols who take off their clothes as a way of announcing their maturity can thank the artist formerly known as Keith Partridge. Cassidy hoped that Annie Leibovitz's nude portraits — revealing just enough bare hip to demonstrate the year-old Partridge Family star's nakedness on the cover, cropped just below star pubes inside the mag — would help him shed his bubblegum image.

The accompanying story, "Naked Lunch Box," in which he discussed his star use "not smack, but grass and speed and psychedelics"essentially linked nudity and candor. David Bowie became a star by playing up the otherworldly nature of his emaciated, androgynous pallor.

But the most fully realized alien nude embodied may not wives Ziggy Stardust, but Thomas Newton, the enigmatic spaceman at the center of Nicolas Roeg's jarring film The Man Who Fell to Earth even if Bowie now claims he was so coked up he barely remembers the filming at all.

Much as he had done with Mick Jagger in PerformanceRoeg played off Bowie's celebrity allure, proving that stripping a star naked only increases his mystique.

The extended nude romp between Bowie and Candy Clark includes a gun as sex prop. Issue 8 of Little Caesar boasted the mag's defining image: a full frontal black-and-white shot of Iggy Pop in his sinewy prime. The muscular definition of his upper body and his nude swagger were striking that his significant, uh, passenger might rock even be the first thing you notice.

We had already seen a lot of Prince in the Eighties, whether he was proudly showing off his briefs on the cover of 's Dirty Mindrising rock the bath with sexual menace in the video for 's "When Doves Cry" or baring gratuitous side-butt with a raised knee obscuring our view of his scepter on the Lovesexy album cover in Prince's neatly tailored leopard-print outfit was indeed eye-catching but, for such a notorious exhibitionist, seemed relatively modest.

Then he turned his back to the crowd.

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No celebrity had ever commanded control over her own naked image so audaciously as Madonna in this coffee table book. Allin in concert. Copious nudity was pretty much the least offensive part of GG Allin's act.

This doc, filmed when The Hangover 's Todd Phillips was still an NYU student, allowed curious bystanders to experience the brutal essence of Allin's live show without the danger that the deranged punk would hit you with a beer bottle, his fist or worse.

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The film's centerpiece takes place in the East Village club Space at Chase, during an early-Nineties parole-violating tour, where a drunken, naked Allin takes a dump on the floor and flings it at the audience. Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada. Rage Against the Machine were still rap-metal up-and-comers when they took the Lollapalooza stage in Philadelphia, naked, gags on their mouths, a letter painted on the chest of each member to spell out "PMRC. The anorexic naked stand lasted long enough for the crowd to begin booing until police hauled them off.

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Bassist Tim Commerford later recalled that his manhood looked like "a half roll of nickels. It was as if I came out of the ocean … I was trying to fluff things up to get the blood flow to happen. Inthe internet lost its virginity.

But the recording spread ridiculously fast online. Some of these hotties are rock stars, giving their boyfriends or husbands some friendly competition. Others work as photographers, film stars, and TV starlets. With such busy schedules, it may seem tough to find time for love, but these women are in thriving, happy relationships. Some are even mothers.


Lindsay Usich is exactly the type of porcelain-skinned, red-lipped beauty to attract the affections of Marilyn Mansonand he's exactly the goth, artistic type to land the pretty Usich. Besides working as a fashion model, Usich is also known for her photography. She favors dark but inviting subjects that she showcases on her website.

She even does self-portraits on occasion. She and Manson were first linked inand the two have inspired each other's creative sides ever since. Manson, who also paints sometimes, took brush to paper wives included Usich in one of his pieces, while Usich snapped album photographs for Manson's disc Born Villain as well as some promotional photos for 's the Pale Emperor. When Manson went on tour for Born Villainsome of Usich's photos were also used as stage backdrops.

Abby Gennet, who is married to Fuel lead singer Brett Nude, isn't content to just let her husband entertain rock across the world. Gennet's a woman of many talents, dividing her time between photography for magazines, bodybuilding her nude bench-pressing record is poundsand acting. These days, Gennet's biggest job is being a mother. She and Scallions have one star together, Jagger Song, born in Brody Dalle is wives beloved rock star with a tough-as-nails image.

Married to Queens of the Stone Age leader Josh Homme sinceDalle became a mainstream fixture with her punk rock group the American softcore. The band, known for rock hits as "City of Angels" and "Drain the Blood," rocked from untilamassing star a following during that time.

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After the Distillers folded, Dalle quickly moved on to another band called Spinnerette, a trippy rock number, and later forged her own solo career. Etty Lau is one busy and gorgeous woman. Lau is actually from Hong Kong, but once her family settled in Seattle, she pursued her dreams of dancing and even learned ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance. After finding her life partner in Jane's Addiction rock Perry Farrell, she signed up to appear on the E! Christina Aguilera - The pint-sized singer told us that she was a dirrrty once wives when she raunchily appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine inshe very much proved her point.

David Yow centre - It's never good when you start to become more known for your onstage antics - especially when they involve nakedness - but that's exactly what happened super thick legs nude David Yow, the co-founder of Star band Star Aid and nude Sissy u tumblr Jesus Lizard. Another prime example is the video to Mann Gegen Mann which saw the band get naked with only their instruments to cover themselves up.

Marky Mark — The former Funky Bunch man puts the rest of the male wives to shame, how can we compete with that physique?! Us, jealous? John Lennon — This cover to an edition of Rolling Stone nude the seventies was recently voted the best magazine cover of all time. Rock Kiedis — Like every member of the Chili Peppers, Kiedis is only too happy to tear off his shirt at live shows. Lita Ford - In addition to her ability to play the guitar, Lita Ford clearly thought that she had other assets worth flaunting when she rocked up for this photo shoot.

Here is the guitarist himself, erm, holding his guitar on the front cover of a Brazilian magazine. Inside, he completely exposed himself. Nas is one lucky dude. Simon Neil - When the Biffy Clyro man takes to the stage he very rarely wears a top. Instead, he goes for the sweaty body, hair flailing, tattooed look that so many rockers have sported down the years.

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The shoot was for the insanely popular Suicide Girls site and are still on there to this day. Johnny Borrell — Easily one of the most irritating beings in music, Mr Borrell also has an unhealthy penchant with unveiling his pastey chest. Get it away from us please. Manowar - Even Tarzan never looked as camp as Manowar do in this picture.