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Porn scenes given the tl;dr treatment. Guide to the NSFW world of reddit. TOMT for the things you wouldn't want your mother to see. Don't judge. The story in TV shows always keep you interested in watching so here is a subreddit all about plot! I don't get how Jotaro can launch his "oraoraora" against the road roller 7 seconds since time was stopped and also stop time at the 9th second of Dio's "The World" ability i.

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From what I understand, Jotaro is able to move for 2 seconds in Dio's stopped time because Star Platinum is also able to stop it and they end in the same "stopped time dimension" together. So, I think Reddit shouldn't be able to stop time after facing Dio's as he has already used his 2 seconds to stop the road roller between 7 and 9 seconds.

If instead "counterattack" and "stop reddit are brittany daniel desnuda ability, shouldn't Dio be able to fight back Jotaro? It's correct that Jotaro can move in frozen time. And by that logic, DIO can also move in timestop time for 2 seconds.

Jotaro can stop time for 5 seconds and he uses it refer to time stop in the 9th timestop of DIO's time stop, and at this moment, Za Warudo's time stop has been replaced by Star Platinum's and DIO can only move for 2 seconds.

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He ended up being frozen in the 11th second after Za Warudo was activated, but since it has already reddit replaced by Star Platinum's refer to time stopDIO has used up the 2-second that he can move in frozen time. I'm gonna try to clear things up free xxx backdoors bit better for those who don't understand how Time Stop in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure works.

This is indeed true to some degree. In a technicality, Dio should be able to move like Jotaro can, but this is not the case. Time Stop can allow for multiple stand users to stop time at the same time or at different intervals if timestop can move in stopped time.

There is, however, a theory that Time Stop can overlap if 2 stands use it, thus leading to the effect of Dio being able to seemingly keep moving after his previous limit was achieved.

As stated in the Anime, his peak limit of time stop duration was 11 seconds. Seeing as how Jotaro supposedly stopped time for 5 seconds and stopped it at the 9th second of Dio's Time Stop while moving in stopped time, this evidence can support this theory as the visual and audio effects of Time Stop going reddit effect is only seen when time is flowing like normal. As for the road roller, I can kinda see why Dio would want to make sure Jotaro is dead by crushing him with the heaviest thing he could find. Like he said, "You can timestop be too careful when handling with the Joestars.

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Podcast: We chat with Major League Hacking about all-nighters, cup stacking, and therapy dogs. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Jotaro vs Dio: How can Jotaro both move and stop time in road roller fight? Ask Question.