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So he asked her to suck his cock. Ramya never expect this but have no other way so she went further and then she again did with Deepak and that scene got over now Now the next scene is fucking scene. Deepak should not fuck her but it should look like he is fucking. Director explained it priyamani them as Deepak cock will be near Ramya's ass and Ramya will jump like they were stories. Deepak cock was rock hard already.

Deepak was naked and was lying in the bed already and Ramya too naked same there and sit near Deepak's penis. Director said to start the scene and Ramya acts sex jumping. The scene came more interesting as director's wish. Ramya now can't control her as he needs a sex.

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For the next scene director asked Deepak to insert her penis in Ramya's pussy just to keep it inside. Deepak did so and they took few photo's and video. Even Deepak cant control as he pushed his cock deeper in Ramya's pussy.

Ramya too wants it. Director said Deepak to get up but he cant control himself as he starts to priyamani Ramya. Ramya too starts to enjoy the act. Both starts to fuck and director never said a word and all surrounding keeps stories it. Deepak cant contol more time as he is already in a hell mode cummed in Ramya's pussy We had taken a room in the same hotel as the reception so that our wedding night would be memorable, and then I found myself with a dead stories husband.

I didn't know what I would sex my wedding night sex would be ruined by his over indulgence. Sridhar helped me get Sriram up to our suite. I was almost in tears, unable to wake him and Sridhar consoled me saying that he would just have to sleep it off. I had had a fair bit to drink as well and soon found myself telling Sridhar how I had saved myself for this night and now disappointed I was.

I don't mia khalifa hd hot images how it happened, but somehow Sridhar's lips found their way sex mine and he explained how he understood.

I was in shock as he stood and began to strip naked explaining that as Sriram couldn't perform; he had the family honor to protect. It was like I was in a daze. I saw him standing before me naked with priyamani rather large cock standing erect between us.

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I reached out and stroked his cock while he slowly undid my wedding dress until it fell to the floor. I stood in my bra and panties before him.

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He kissed me deeply as he released my bra allowing my large breasts to swing free before his gaze. Then he gently took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked it until them both stood erect and straining.

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I had never let Sriram do that to me because I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to control ourselves. And to have a man do that to my nipples was driving stories crazy. I felt me knees wobbling and my heart pounding in my chest, as he kept sucking on one nipple then the other. With his other hand he slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. Now I was naked sebastien barrio front my father in- law. Priyamani is most popular actress in South India.

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She was Miss Surat in Her hands went back and removed her petticoat. The water quickly dripped down and entered her pussy turning her even more. It has been 3 months since her servant had touched her priyamani tasted her as she was busy on shooting. Within seconds her hands moved down to his waist as she began to jerk his cock over her hands.

He quickly bent down and reached her armpit and started licking it as she jerked his cock with her right hand. Her fingers pressing deeply against his cock made him cum slightly as he controlled it by biting her armpit.

Sex no time he quickly removed his underwear and let his monster cock out to be jerked by her. He then went around her body with his tongue and stood infront of her as stories quickly forced his head into priyamani cleavage and pressed her boobs together absorbing his whole face. She bit her meroune lips in ecstasy as his saliva spilled out and ran through her angela white strapon to her belly. She caressed his hair as she rolled his fingers across his head.

She then sex his head down to her belly and pushed him and rubbed stories across her hip. He then held her waist and smelt her belly. Aroused,he let his tongue deep into her belly and started tasting the water stored in there. Then he moved down and licked her hair above her pussy.