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We're all entitled to our opinion here and I know that. Every anime has different character designs. You can't really expect every anime to have the same character design in all of the episodes.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to feudal Japan to help a young half demon recover the shards of a jewel fitness women sex nude great power.

Creator: Rumiko Takahashi. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Inuyasha S1. Error: please try again. What Makes a Great Plot Twist? My anime list. Series vistas. In The Final Acta completion teen the series that wraps up all the storylines, this gets marginally better.

Kagome is given a more active role in her story, and InuYasha shows her more respect as a partner, friend, and romantic interest. Even so, I could never fully forget how awful Kagome having treated throughout the show.

Then I watch the original series and I just get mad. Kagome deserved a better narrative than what was given to her. Kagome deserved to play an active role in the story she narrated and given a love interest who respected her. She was cfnm pics neither.

Bleating Heart Press Ms. En Scene Sidequest. Culture doesn't fit in a box. Neither do we. Yup, this is basically what they amount to as characters. Anime Medium. ComicsEssays September 12, ComicsPictureMangaOpinion June 30, Party Post!

August 22, When InuYasha and Kagome came out, Kagome was holding a small golden retriever, bright eyes and a good shine to it. Kagome was so happy; she was linking onto InuYasha's arm…willingly. InuYasha was blushing a bit but it was so faint barely anyone could tell…that is except for Miroku and Sesshomaru, they looked at each other and smirked they had the same thought and they knew it, Their in denial.

And that was the end of that argumentthought Kilala and Shippo with a roll of the eyes.

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Sango just smiled, turned off the lights and climbed into bed, teen aas fuck she was right Kagome's gonna take a long fall, weather she wants to or not.

Whatever he totally likes her, what an idiot! Was Miroku's last thought before he let sleep take him over. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Becoming the Image Keeping Up Appearances Summary: InuYasha and Picture are singers, the best of the best; to the public having they are the best of friends…. Rin and Sesshomaru were the next inuyasha come out. The group greeted Shippo, and sat for a while chilling in having living room. Shippo and Koga's Room "My computer has 5 viruses! In 30mins everyone was ready and in the limo.

My car is the best! The only thing holding that thing together is Duck tape and prayers! Miroku turned away mumbling about unappreciative teens.

At the Mall "Ok, so wanna head over to the food court or what? Rin went with Shippo and walked around the computer store, to check out new games and stuff. Wow Kagome you're getting slower. Who are you calling dog? As soon as the two left they went back to their earlier events. InuYasha was blushing the whole time, and the others saw the whole scene. She fought aggressively and confronted every enemy bravely. She showed no mercy, and had a very strong sense of obligation towards fulfilling her duties.

Sango's fighting will was very strong, and once a fire was lit under her, it teen not easily doused. Even if, for example, she was seriously injured, she would continue to advance towards her enemy until she defeated it. She fearlessly battled enemies with no regard for her own life.

This was seen when she thought Picture had murdered her family and village; even though she was on the brink of death, she fought valiantly. Sango had great selfless love teen her younger brother Kohaku. She gave her cowardly brother Kohaku encouragement and continuously showed support towards her brother's decisions. Even when Kohaku was under the influence of Naraku, her unconditional love for him never wavered. She remained positive, believing that someday the real Kohaku would come back to her.

In the end, despite going through many trials and errors, her hopes were realized. Sango's love for her brother was seen many times girls abused and fucked nude the series.

For example, she shielded him from being shot by arrows right after he killed her father and fellow slayers. It was also shown when Naraku attempted to manipulate her into killing her brother at his castle; she refused, loving her inuyasha more than her own life. When Kohaku's Sacred Jewel shard was taken out, Sango was incredibly grief-stricken, sobbing for his loss.

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All of Sango's demon slayer comrades were killed, and her only relative, Kohaku, was under the control of Naraku. After all this tragedy, Sango was consumed with loneliness and despair, having to do everything alone and trusting no one. Thankfully, homemade first anal sadness was healed by the gentleness and kindness of Kagome and her newfound friends. Sango developed a deep sense of fondness and gratitude towards her companions as time passed, because of how they stood by her even when she betrayed them to save her brother inuyasha, and gave her hope that Kohaku could still be saved.

Since then, Sango's loyalty and devotion towards her closest friends was seen time and time again, feeling protective towards teen of them.

She finally felt a sense of happiness since the misery picture had gone through because of Naraku. Sango thought each matter through calmly and grasped situations logically. Her words and having were efficient and accurate, and she always came up with inuyasha solutions. However, once she came to a certain conclusion, she would not doubt or rethink it.

One of her faults was dashing into things recklessly. Sango showed great intelligence in battle. In naked hot pornestars showing their butthole to the knowledge of her ancestors, she had experience battling numerous demons. She knew how to dominate a battle by finding a demon's weak points based on their characteristics. Sango always felt love for her brother, responsibility as a sister, and feelings of guilt for her companions.

She was usually calm, but when it came to Kohaku she could be distracted and was quick to become emotional. While Kohaku was under control of Naraku, these mixed feelings sometimes manifested themselves as rage towards his actions. Due to her various emotions concerning Kohaku, she had at one point decided to kill her brother and then herself so she could take responsibility for his actions.

As time passed, Sango developed affection for and eventually fell in love with her companion Miroku. This was ironic, since she believed in pure love and held a great deal teen disdain and disrespect towards perverts like the monk. Yet every time she picture him womanizing, she was consumed by jealousy and anger towards his shameless flirting.

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This was in part due to irritation towards herself for not being able to confess her feelings to him, resulting in a conflicted heart, as well as jealousy. Teen unfamiliar with inuyasha, Sango had trouble dealing with such love and affection towards and from another person, which proved to be a struggle throughout her relationship with Miroku.

This picture for also having a black and white view of certain relationship complications, such as her rather bias anger towards Inuyasha over his love triangle situation with Kagome and Kikyo. In this way, she is similar to Kagome and her feelings towards Inuyasha save Inuyasha spends much of the series pretending he has no affection for Kagome while completely missing any affection Kagome shows him.

Miroku, of course, interprets any attention as an invitation to blatantly sexual behavior. While Sango is young, she is no fool, and she does not wish to be what she believes will be just another sexual conquest.

She is also interested in romance in her own way. In a famous scene where she became intoxicated she overtly flirted with Inuyasha. While this is played for comedy, the scene reveals some teen important picture.

Miroku became very jealous. While Kagome rants as Sango tried to get Inuyasha to play with her a bit, Miroku did not approach Kagome. He remains upset and focused on Sango. In what is the best sex positions scene, having Miroku tries to dismiss his continuous proposals as something he does to every girl he meets since he wishes to preserve his line, Sango sheepishly mumbles that he had never asked her.

Naturally, Miroku immediately proposes, and Sango reacts inuyasha, but the scene reveals some of her feelings and perhaps insecurity. As "match-maker" Kagome lamented in a later scene, Miroku simply does not understand "mood" and does not know how to treat a woman he actually cares about. Thus in yet another scene, which Kagome watches hidden with Inuyasha, things seemed to go smoothly between Sango and Miroku. Kagome, who had previously enthusiastically daydreamed about a wedding between the two, eagerly announces that they had "confessed" their love.

Then, naturally, Miroku places his hand on Sango's breast resulting in Sango's violent response. Kagome could only lament that Miroku had no understanding. Their mutual affection becomes, then, an "open secret" for the rest of the gang who mainly blame Miroku for having Sango.

For his part, Miroku occasionally revealed to them his irritation that they think he does not care for her.