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Travel to a glorious beach in Odessa and enjoy sun, sand and surf with these Ukrainian Naturists. Families soak up the sun while the kids climb, swim and practice body painting. Follow six girls and one cameraman to the Crimean Grand Canyon and a small lake. Visit the archeological dig of an ancient city and a watermelon plantation.

Watch the girls make a few first hesitant steps at a diving school and then try to use this newly-learnt knowledge in the sea. And of course, visit and explore many wonderful places with them. Running Time: 75 minutes.

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A nudist group of 12 from the sets off to visit the Crimea. They visit a totally unexplored region on the northeastern coast where the Azov Sea laps the golden sandy shores. Join in the fun as they travel through the heart of Ukraine to reach the peninsula, staying at the first official naturist resort in Ukraine and enjoying the sea and the surrounding wild bays.

All the magic and poetry of fun special group comes alive again in this new trilogy, so let yourself be amazed with them as they discover mud places and new activities every day.

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