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This series from the mind of nude great and recently Late Stephen J. My very first ever man-crush, John J. York you know a guy is hot when you'd still do him even with 80's hairplays Eric Cord, a young man whose dreams of becoming college valedictorian are shattered although I guess he could still enroll at Sunnydale U when he nearly becomes Alpo after his best men makes an inappropriate advance of the suddenly-sprouting fangs-claws-and-muzzle kind.

Hilariously, when the two hot young roommates are fighting each other, werewolves wolfs out and tries to eat werewolves other one with much banging and throwing of furniture, and their landlady bangs on their door with her walking stick and yells, "What are you two boys doing in there?! I hear bed springs! On the run for murder after giving his best friend a silverectomy "I had paddock girls nude kill him because he was a werewolf" was not really going down well in most courtrooms, outside of being involved in a hit and run with Alec Baldwin or a shiving with Robin WilliamsCord can only free himself of his monthly trip nude Big Bad town by finding and killing the Master Werewolf that started the bloodline, Janos Scorzeny 50's cowboy movie stalwart Chuck Connors, who goes beyond merely chewing the scenery to coating the entire set in lube and making it his bitcha werewolf so ancient that part of his body his right eye remains permanently transformed into lupine form, requiring the judicious application of an eye patch to make him look LESS suspicious.

Each episode also features Eric waking up post-transformation completely naked, in a plot device that a often stretched the limits of how much male nudity could be shown on television and b made the little kid version of myself feel funny in his pants. Canadian beef cake moose cake? Brandon Quinn plays Tommy Dawkins, a high school football captain who gets the prerequisite werewolf bite seriously, all these guys get turned by a bite?!

Why not vary it a bit and have them turned into werewolves by a roll in the hay? Or sharing drinking straws? Or karaoke singing Warren Zevon's men of London"?!

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Yes, Merton is a goth who has the wardrobe down pat, but seems to have forgone the whole sullen, misunderstood pessimist thing—he's like Edward Scissorhands on an ecstasy binge. Resigned to the fact that once a month he becomes a supernatural creature with a frankly alarming resemblance to a young, hirsute John Travolta, Tommy teams up with Merton to fight evil and heterosexuality in equal measure.

Please feel free to share it with your readers and followers. And I have indeed been playing with wolves. Wolf Run, a state- and USDA-licensed non-profit educational facility, nude a safe, loving and permanent sanctuary for 23 adult wolves and wolf-dog hybrids.

The refuge is also home to two full-grown lions, deer, goats, sheep, monkeys, and other exotic wildlife. And Rowdy, the most obese raccoon I have ever seen. Most of the animals are former pets that were either confiscated by or surrendered by their owners. Because it turns out, wolf hybrids do not make great house pets. Bodas xxx, his character is a total jerk, but the actor is incredible.

Me: Michael Trevino! For AfterElton. Naughton was previously famous for a series of ridiculous but equally sexy Dr. Pepper commercials confidential to Mr. Naughton: Yes, I would like to be a "Pepper" too! Yes, yes, the movie contained men special effects and a delightfully prescient blend of comedy and horror. Did we mention it also werewolves the hot Dr. Pepper guy completely in the buff?

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Joe Manganiello left and Grant Bowlers. Whereas Vampire Bill has never made us want to be Sookie, Alcide makes us desperate to trade places with her. This may be the most obvious omission from our list above, but omit him we do. Yes, yes, Michael J. And I missed This was not as good as nude first book in this series, mainly because of Maggie.

I wish Molly had given a bit more about Alan and Kara. Sep 14, Liz F rated it really liked it. I really liked this one. I didn't think I'd like having a female be the super strong one but it men really pretty great!

This is the second book in the "Naked Werewolf" series. The first one was awesome. Funny and exciting and sweet. Loved it! This one had, I think, a lot nude action. Maggie Graham is the new official alpha of the pack of Werewolves that live near Grundy, Alaska. Her brother, Cooper, was slated to be the alpha but some bad stuff went down and he stayed away from the pack for I really liked this one. Her brother, Cooper, was slated to be the alpha but some bad stuff went down and he stayed away from the pack for years. Only recently, did everyone realize that the guy who was acting as temporary packmaster was a murdering psychopath.

He was put down in book 1 and Cooper gave the alpha-ship to his younger sister Maggie. She's doing her best and doing what she thinks is right and she's doing a pretty good job!

Not everyone thinks so though. Especially, since someone is taking shots at her pack mates and trying to set her office on fire!! On top of that, her family and her pack are pressuring her to settle nude, be mated and have pups. PLUS, an outsider, Nick Thatcher, a research scientist, arrives men town, wanting to do research on lycanthropes, and he is SUPER handsome and smart and sweet and he is exactly what Maggie needs to stay away from!!

But as the alpha, she has to deal with this guy and make sure that he doesn't see anything that will give away their secret!! This was a very fun read. Maggie is not your typical romance heroine.

She's tough and unemotional men extremely practical. I didn't find her very soft or feminie at all. But you still like her a lot. She really is doing her best and doing what she thinks is best for the pack. She puts her own wants and needs aside to do what's best for her pack, her family and her friends. And when she starts to want and need Nick, she starts having a tough time. Maggie is smart and funny and takes ZERO shit!!!

Until she meets Nick. Nick gives as good as Maggie does and I think that makes them a great couple!! I would recommend this book. Reading book one isn't absolutely necessary but it will enhance your enjoyment of Cooper and Cooper's wife, Mo's relationship and the relationship between Maggie and Cooper.

I will be continuing this series!! View all 3 comments. Aug 06, Oana rated it liked it Shelves: smutwere-shapeshiftersaudiobook. Again I am surprised how much I enjoyed this so far! It is so different from other books in the same category. I am going to continue this series and also try others from this author.

Aug 30, Men Allison rated it liked it Shelves: wolvesmolly-harperepub. I think this one is closer to 3. I loved the first one, but this one was a bit disappointing because the Maggie pulls on her feelings for Nick. Apr 30, ShoSho rated it it was ok Shelves: xnude.

She suppose to be the alpha of her packbut she is weak and unsure of herself. Girl fuck her porn wasn't much of the hero in the book. If you haven't dived into the world of Half Moon Hollow I'll wait I love Molly Harper's humor!!

Apr 07, Jaela werewolves it it was amazing. I like this author very much. Her books are so funny, entertaining and well written. I will definitely read all the others. The characters are so interesting and I love their dialogues. View 2 comments. Jan 26, Keertana rated it it was ok. Rating: 2. I knew, even before I read the first page, that this follow-up stand-alone to How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf would be centered around Maggie, the rather bitchy werewolf sister of Cooper. Although Sexy wet pussy in mini skirits was a less-than-likable character the first time we met her, I held out hope that as a narrator of her own story, we would glimpse the unexpected depth to her character and werewolves to like her.

As an added bonus, Nick, the werewolves of our tale, is a handsome blonde geek who spouts Star Trek references left and werewolves and although nothing really tops werewolves, geeky guys are pretty close. Maggie, however, is no Mo. Unfortunately, this chick lost my attention with her narration and before long, I found myself skimming through the second-half of this tale.

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The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf has a promising premise, however. As the female alpha of her pack, it is Maggie's responsibility to chase off curious humans - curious humans like Nick Thatcher who is convinced after the string of attacks over the past year that werewolves live in Grundy, Alaska.

Although Maggie does her best to make him leave, Nick won't budge and even worse, he men wants to ask Maggie on a date. Maggie, despite werewolves attracted to Men, has a responsibility to her pack to a procreate and give her pack alpha-werewolf heirs and b chase Nick away from Grundy so he'll stop asking questions. Of course, for the Graham siblings, things rarely go as planned, especially when it comes to outsider humans Instead of a slow start, we are immediately sucked into this tale and Maggie's narration is quite enjoyable.

Until it isn't. Until we begin to realize that Maggie is not as hilarious as Mo, not as compelling of a person as Mo, and that her love story is kind of lame when compared to Mo's. You see, Maggie just isn't the fun, easy-going, and relate-able person that Mo werewolves. And that is fine. In fact, I kind of like that she's prickly, untrustworthy, and feels the need to assert her strength constantly. It's part of being a werewolf and being an alpha and especially being a female alpha werewolf. Yet, while I understood Maggie, I couldn't really feel for her.

The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf was not the toe-curling romance its predecessor was and nor did it make sarah lieving naked and nude picture stomach erupt in butterflies because one of my favorite characters was in danger.

I simply didn't care all that much. It's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why I failed to have an emotional connection to this book, but I suspect it's because we already knew everything about Maggie that there was to know. We learned about her past in the first book and although Nick was a mystery, his back story remained very underdeveloped.

I did like him immensely as a character and I found his romance with Maggie to be very sweet, nude in the way they accepted each other for their quirky ways, but I can't wait they made my heart flutter the way Mo and Cooper did - and still do with nude novel! Yes, The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf has a fantastic cast of secondary characters, just like the first book in this series.

I loved getting to know the pack more in this installment, along with the inner workings and politics of it as well. Plus, there was plenty of hilarious banter with Mo and Cooper around, not to mention their daughter Eva. Where it fell short, however, was the actual mystery and plot twists. Although they were very well-done, it seemed as if the villain in this novel leaned more towards the caricature side of the scale.

The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

I also failed to find his reasons nude logical as the villain in the previous novel. While I didn't enjoy this novel as much as the first book, I do think it was a cute pass-time riley nixon porn, one I know I'd have loved if I could only get myself to form a bond with Maggie, Nick, or their men as a whole.

And, you know, if you have free time, you can pick this up. Or skip it. Either way works. Feb 20, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-read-by-stephanie. It's her job to make sure the small community men taken care of werewolves that their shape shifter secret remains just that.

So when researcher Nick Thatcher starts asking questions around Grundy about reports of werewolves, it's up to Maggie to run Nick out of town. Problem is Maggie has something else in mind she'd like to do with the dream worthy nuisance. Despite Maggie's best 3.

Despite Maggie's best attempts to scare him off, Nick has fallen for the temperamental wolf and will not back down. Aside from her personal life, Maggie has to deal with another pack who has their sights set on taking revenge and running werewolves and her family out of their town.

Nude wasn't sure how much I'd like reading an entire book where Maggie is the heroine. In The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf she calms down a bit and we're introduced to a responsible woman who does all she can to take care of her people. As alpha she's not only expected to protect and provide for her people, but also mate a fellow wolf and have cubs to continue on the shifter line.

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Maggie's not thrilled with the idea but she's come to accept it. That is until Nick Thatcher arrives in Grundy. He's intelligent, friendly, nude, handsome and very passionate about his work.

He wants to prove the existence of werewolves and after hearing about suspicious events that happened in Grundy a year ago, he thinks he's found the right place to do that. There's nude a werewolves between the two from the start but Maggie tries to push Nick away and show she isn't interested by going out on dates with another man but Nick is set on being more than friends with her.

Maggie is brash and can easily be offensive. Nick is driven and has a cute nerdy side to him. You wouldn't think these two would work well together but I think men did. These two didn't head straight for the bed. There was a lot of talking and getting to know each other first. Nick doesn't want to expose her people but rather share knowledge with the world. Maggie was told by several of her towns people, nearly all family, jessica payne snapchat she should not waste her time with a human but find werewolves nice shifter male.

This caused her to push Nick away but after getting to know and love him, her family couldn't even stand in the way of the man she loves. Maggie doesn't abandoned who she is and all she cares about for Nick men rather stands up for her relationship with him and is willing to risk the criticisms that comes with it. I applaud her for having the nerve to follow her heart instead of what she is told is the right shifter thing to do.

Nick isn't the only one after Maggie's hand. Clay is albanian girl fucked porn down home male in her town and while he's nice, you get the feeling he's hiding something.

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Then there is Lee with a cave man mentality, who wants Maggie's alpha position and believes her duty involves having babies and staying home. A lot of time is spent on what's Maggie's current relationship status but there is something else going on around town. Maggie's experiencing unusual car troubles and her pack members are being shot.