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Once in a while, the crowd would get too close, and he'd scream for Barry to come and regulate. When Felicity finally removed her underwear, Andy had the other models paint each other, while he pulled her off to the side.

But even though they tried to be discreet, as soon as she got the purplish thong over her ankles, the crowd pounced on her. A photo frenzy erupted as Andy rushed body put color over her hairless crotch while the men with cameras high-fived each other like they were at a football game Those behind Felicity even crouched down or turned their cameras upside down to get shots of her pussy and naturist.

Maybe even worse than that was the way the men in the crowd started to interact with the women in painting tamil actress meena sex stories. The models seemed to be caught up in the moment as well.

Waiting for the Panties to Drop in Times Square - VICE

Whatever positions the old men with the cameras asked for, they did: hands above your head, pout your lips, sit on this How thoughtful. He tucked it in his pants for safekeeping.

I talked to Justina after she dropped her underwear. It was like the running of the bulls. People were frantic to follow these naked women and I felt like was going to get trampled as the crowd engulfed the sidewalk.

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Dozens of pedestrians joined the group, which surged towards the models. It felt like Walmart on Black Friday. Right when I thought people might start fainting, someone—sensing the intensity of the situation—broke up the crowd.

I ran into Justina again as the crowd split and despite the craziness of it all, she was still optimistic about the idea of public nudity.

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So, we just have to be the painting who get judged or gawked at, and in ten years another generation of artists can just do this as a normal thing. I thought that was a beautiful sentiment, so thoughtful it almost wiped the bad taste that had been lingering in my mouth. He stood naturist her like he was hitting body doggie-style for one photo and then he posed like he was smacking her ass in another.

Spectators watched, remarkably politely, and the moral fabric of the city was not rent asunder despite the presence of dozens of bared penises, unclothed vaginas, and breasts of…. View original post 60 more words. Like Like.

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Body too its just perfect!!!! Pingback: Bodypainting in the Streets Naturalian's Blog. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Finally, it was my turn, and Andy brought me to his assistants — Gypsy Twins, naturist they called themselves. Andy gave them an idea as to how he envisioned me painted, and there I was getting covered in gold. Then, it was time for face.

It was quite contrasting to the rest painting the body, but regardless, it felt almost hypnotic to get my face painted by both twins simultaneously.

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Most of the photos in this blogpost are courtesy of Arthur. Needless to say, most of the audience loved it, someone provided his skateboard as a stage for one of our models. When else could I do a naked handstand at Times Square?

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Obviously, many people were curious about what was happening, and you could see all kinds of reactions but almost all were positive. Many people were surprised to find out it body totally legal.

Luckily, some people noticed another important aspect of this body art event — the models were of painting ages and body complexions, which certainly promoted body acceptance.

The Statue of Liberty obviously approved mnfclub Would there be liberty without nudity, and would there be art without nudes? I know, someone else already said that. Body painting seems to be a nudist party activity du jour. Almost every nudist party provides body paint as a part of their program, and there are some that are dedicated to it specifically.

That might solve your naturist problem!

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I just hope the city will be fine after Frankenstorm. And I guess people will be even more eager to go out and party!

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Just sign upshow up and naturist off! Tomorrow, the Gallery Bar in East Village will body again turn into naked dance and body paint extravaganza. The webpage with naturist of the party is courtesy of Young Naturists Americahowever. Meanwhile, my friend Juan finally got his first blogpost publishedcongratulations! Sex natural boobs, enough complaining, now the blog is back, and several months after the first attempt this post is finally out!

So here is the original text, I leave it unchanged:. I came across their website a couple of years ago and thought it would be fantastic to join the group of naked peers that organized numerous fun events.

The program for the Naked Spring Bash sounded really cool and after the long and cold winter we were craving for the sun and warmth, so it was amazing that Joe and I could go there together.

I loved the drum circle around the fire on the first night. There was a dozen of drummers and other people were dancing around the fire. I got a frame drum of pandeiro type, the same as we use in capoeira, which I practice, so I could play and dance at the same time. And of course there was body art. Spring Bash participant were given a free spot for camping by the pond, and when we woke up, we got a chance to meet a couple of its friendly dwellers. The tiny island in body pond was quite picturesque.

Then there was some pool time and lunch, naked lunch of course. I was disappointed though, that they mostly provided fast-food and served it on single-use ware. In the afternoon, there was a short excursion through the bit of tropical forest that belonged to Sunsport Gardens.

We were snapchat nude shots pleased to find this forest with many native plants of South Florida, and we went there on our own a couple of times again. In a couple of places there were tables and benches, so you could have a quiet lunch painting the forest as well.

The plants were diverse, there were some bamboos, but most painting the forest was pine and palm trees. On the last day of the Spring Bash, most of the people went to Haulover Beach.