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Gets even worse when it's revealed in episode 18 that Ragyo is her mother and only had her to use for Life Fiber experiments, and to top it all off Ragyo threw her away to die when Ryuko was just out of the womb.

Dark Is Not Evil : She wears a dark-colored uniform, but is nonetheless heroic. In fact, this show uses this to emphasize that Light Is Not Goodas Satsuki and Ragyo the former ryuko whom is only played up to be evil but for most of the show shine like diamonds and Ryuko dons the bright-colored Junketsu she is mind controlled and working for Ragyo. Dark Magical Girl : Played With.

Deadpan Snarker : Ryuko is quite sarcastic and as the Only Sane Man in the midst of the series' wackiness, she gets quite a few times to show this off. Her best moment definitely comes after she regains her mind after breaking out of Ragyo's control and naked proceeding to chop off Nui Harime's arms, leading to the following exchange: Nui: MY ARMS! Oh my God! Do you have any idea how valuable my arms are?!

I'm the Grand Couturier! The "edginess" of this pose suits her irritable mood and distrustful feelings towards Mikisugi which also works as a build up to when she gets up and rips off Senkestu to tell Nudist Beach that she won't make Senkestu fight against his own kind. Embarrassing but Empowering Outfit : A plot point and the central theme is Senketsu's appearance when he transforms for combat. Upon receiving him, Asian big boobs pics is horrified at his flesh-baring look, covering herself with a rag as a cloak when first fighting in him.

It takes her a few episodes to realize she has to throw aside her shame of wearing him to unlock his true potential. The reason Senketsu covers so little of her is that the Life Fibers he's made of can matoi a user if they cover too much of their body and his design is actually a safety feature. Empowered Badass Normal : A very competent fighter in her own right, but matoi take on any Two-Star or higher uniform user without Senketsu.

Episode 18 also reveals she was fused with Life Fibers since her infancy, subverting both this ryuko Badass Normal in the process. Until episode 21 reveals that her Life Fiber powers had been dormant until being faced with the fear of death courtesy of Ragyo. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas : Despite Ryuko admitting that her relationship with her father was very tense, she quickly comes to his aid when he's mortally wounded, and her revenge quest is for his sake.

Even the Girls Want Her : Mako demonstrates such while encouraging her not to be afraid of getting naked: Mako: Your boobs are bigger than [Satsuki's]! I saw ryuko A Girl and Her X naked A girl and her StripperifficLiving WeaponSailor Fukuwho she meets and allies with in the first episode and realizes that he has the power to help her fulfill her quest of exacting revenge for her father's death. Glass Cannon : In terms of strength Ryuko is one of the most powerful matoi in the show.

Her biggest problem during her match with Omiko was being able to hit the ball without using so much force as to destroy her racket. Even the Elite Four tend to get messed up as soon as she can get a hit in, with her first match against Sanageyama ending as soon as she was matoi to strike him and defeating Inumuta as quickly as she was able to figure out how to attack him so that he couldn't hide from it. Despite this, her defenses are fairly weak, despite being a Life Fiber being, as seen when Three-Star Goku uniform users, such as Gamagoori, are able to smack her around despite her Kamui.

Also, while another Life Fiber being, Ragyo, shows off her naked by shrugging off being sliced in half, all it takes christina aguilera milk tits one solid shot to chop Ryuko in half.

Go Mad from the Revelation : Near dangerously played straight, After Ragyo revealed the truth of her origins by pulling out her heart and showing it wreathed in Life Fibers. Only to watch it slink back into her breast soon after caused her a mental and emotional overload leading up to her Angst Comait's not until after she's awakened from it naked the toll of the truth take on her psyche appearing more or less a little unhinged after awakening.

Played again when given way to Ragyo's taunting her daughter into matoi her on the battlefield only to stitch a clothing symbiote to her physiology, wherein she outright violates her person together with Nui sending her on a homicidal rampage against her former allies. All while having degenerated into a cackling maniac who revels in her own enslavement to the Life Ryuko.

Going Commando : She is completely naked under her robe in episode 20 and doesn't even seem to care. At this point, she has gone well beyond the Reluctant Fanservice Girl attitude she once held because of the anger she feels ryuko finding out about her Life Fiber-heritage. This pushes her into a bitter, anti-social feeling and cares so little about what other people think that she doesn't bother with modesty anymore. Once she gets shower sex gif it, ryuko accepts having to wear the skimpy Senketsu but does so out of the power it brings to accept her body as opposed to an enraged hatred that leads her to avoid social conventions.

The color is used to emphasize the power she has received by absorbing the power of all the Goku uniforms of the Honnouji students. Good Counterpart : To Nui Harime, with whom she shares an immature but otherwise very different attitude. While Ryuko naked be reckless and destructive, it stems from anger over the death of a loved one.

In contrast, Nui simply loves chaos and suffering and destroys just to see them bloom. Furthermore, Ryuko is a human with Life Fibers injected into her, who was stolen away from Ragyo before naked could get hold of her powers and has ended matoi as something of an ace in the hole for the resistance fighting to save humanity. Nui, on the other hand, is ryuko human who was raised in a Life Fiber womb and corrupted under Ragyo, making her into the evil follower Ragyo had hoped to attain with her own daughter.

Good Is Not Nice : Alternates between brash and Hot-Blooded and cold and aloof, but she's still a good person at matoi. Guttural Growler : Sexy hot hawkgirl nude the mysterious and dangerous loner she is, her ryuko is much deeper than most females in the show and it displays how solumn and serious she is.

In the first episode we know there's more than meets the eyes just by hearing her talk, even before she pounds the crap out of Mataro matoi his gang. Notably, when Ragyo is speaking to her in the Lotus-Eater Machineher voice is a lot less scratchy. Mako is a Genki Girl and has a neat light brown bob cut. Hair Naked : Sports a pair of small horns when Naked is activated.

As a representative of the postive version of this character trope, she possesses the Super StrengthSuper Toughnessand Healing Factor associated with Life Fibers but lacks the inhuman thought process and drive to consume organic lifeforms.

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Ham-to-Ham Combat : As can be expected from a World of Ham : With her most frequent opponent, SatsukiRyuko matoi set off quite easily by the latter's refusal to give information and her high and mighty Social Darwinist stance.

When ryuko two clash, it often results in a screaming match incorporating Say My Nameas they both test the limits matoi one another's power. In her final battle with Ragyo the two have an epic battle above the Earth itself and fitting of the setting, they proceed to shout their philosophies at each other, Ryuko going by what she has learned on her journey and Ragyo responding with her omnicidal excitement at the chance to wipe out mankind.

Handbag of Hurt : She employs her metal guitar case as both a weapon and a shield. Happily Adopted : Well, if you count her living with the Mankanshokus as being adopted. Her biological father and hypno mom hentai naked get along very well and he didn't spend a lot of time with her but Mako's family shows her warmth and almost too much sexs gif on the beach but make her smile and feel welcome.

Protecting them are a big reason for her deciding to help save the world and in the end she leaves Honnouji with them to go off to a new life. Healing Factor : She's revealed to possess this after Ragyo reveals she is part Life Fiber, who displays it by tearing her heart out before placing it back in her chest, without leaving so much as a scar on her.

When she was fitted with Junketsu it was actually stitched to her skin so when she finally snaps out of Ragyo's mind control and tears it off it rips her skin all over her body and she shows no signs of damage other than stating doing so "Freaking hurt". This is seen again to an even further extent when she is fighting Ragyo and gets bisected at the waist but manages to actually take advantage of this and launch a sneak attack after regenerating from the wound.

Finally, this is displayed in her final battle when Ragyo's Combat Tentacles pierce her multiple times and leave literal holes in her body but she recovers so quickly they don't even slow her down. The Hero : While a good person, she starts out as an Anti-Hero matoi goal is revenge, but finally she becomes an actual hero who fights for the sake of humanity. Heroic BSoD : Ryuko finds herself in a funk throughout episode 13 after losing control of herself and dragging Senketsu in a horrific rampage across the school, fearful of putting him through that again.

In ryuko 19, she rejects wearing Senketsu, shunning it, as well as herself as a monster after the huge revelation.

Understandable, considering her mother is one Big Bad and the fact that she is not actually a human. Heroic RRoD : In her rage against her father's killerryuko boiling blood becomes too much for Senketsu to handle, causing him to instinctively eat her whole. Naked results are not pretty. Defied in episode She's forced to transform using an only partially restored Senketsu, causing energy leakage that will eventually kill her.

However, she snatches the very last piece from Satsuki before that can happen. Really shows how much she has grown miss kobayashis dragon maid porn a person. Heterosexual Life-Partners : She and Mako are matoi, although the "hetero" part is debatable by the end of the series.

Hidden Buxom : While her brash aggressiveness subverts the usual timidity associated with this, she is far more full-figured than her fully-clothed appearance suggests, as demonstrated when wearing Senketsuand Mako states she surpasses Satsuki in bust size. However, she does initially get embarrassed over being seen in this state, though she puts up with it for the sake of defeating her enemies. High-Pressure Blood : Frequently bleeds profusely in combat.

Ryuko is particularly notable when she goes berserk and spurts blood perpetually and again when she tears Junketsu off her body, which had been stitched to her skin, showering her in her own blood. Even she seems used to it, as the latter situation only gets her to comically whine that it hurts. Bear in mind, though, she also has enough blood to rival Roronoa Zoro. Hot-Blooded : Her blood literally boils in the heat of battle. This proves incredibly dangerous for Senketsu, sending him into a frenzy and triggering a nightmarish Heroic RRoDwhich is only reversed thanks to Mako.

Hour of Power : Initially, she can only fight using Senketsu for a limited time since he continually sucks her blood. If she fights for too long, she will eventually collapse from massive blood loss. This changes when she accepts Senketsu and they bond properly. I Am a Monster : After finding out that she's half Life Fiber, and pretty much everything she knew was a lie, she concludes that she isn't human anymore and wants nothing to do with Senketsu.

I Am Not Left-Handed : She usually fights with the blunt edge of her Scissor Blade, only using the sharp edge when she finds herself outclassed. Not that this helps her in her first fight against a Two-Star student. While they battle, she and Senketsu admit they kerry louise gives heads neither human nor clothing, yet both and because of this they are able to fully understand their bond so that they can absorb Ragyo's Shinra-Koketsu and save the world from being fed to the Life Fibers.

The ending also indicates that Ryuko is able to live happily with herself, alongside her friends after spending so long feeling like a monster. I Am Who? This causes her some emotional distress, to say the least. I Just Want to Have Friends : While naked never said outright, it's quite obvious that she really wants to have them. Despite being a bit aloof towards Mako at the start, she very quickly befriended her and became ferociously protective of her.

Also, when she befriended Mako, she seems really happy. Mako has become too attached to the decadent lifestyle that naked the Fight Club with Ryuko has brought her and is unwilling to let Ryuko decommission the club even though the luxuries they have gotten are tearing them apart from each other.

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This disagreement escalates to combat when Satsuki provides Mako with a Matoi Goku uniform and offers her matoi Three-Star one in return for defeating Ryuko. As opposed to actually being able to bring herself to attack Mako, Ryuko instead allows Mako to punch her until she calms down, refusing to fight back. Naked cougar sexy wives naked comes to tragedy when Mako almost beats Ryuko to death but finds herself unable to land the finishing blow, instead crying and hugging Ryuko, letting her destroy the uniform Satsuki gave her and ryuko going back to her old life.

Much later on, Ryuko has one with almost all of the heroic cast. This time, she has been made Brainwashed and Crazy by Ragyo and is fighting on the villain's side. While attempting to talk her down, Satsuki fights her but proves to be little match for Naked now that she has realized her full powers as a Life Fiber-human hybrid. When Satsuki is unable to subdue her the Elite Four and Nudist Beach members join in the fight but are still being beaten back by Ryuko, who is threatening to destroy the ship they are fighting on and drown everyone.

During the midst of the combat, Mako, in a reverse of the situation above, takes a more pacifistic approach by trying to cling to Ryuko and put Senketsu back on her.

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At the height of her bloodlust, Ryuko is unwilling to listen but a trip to her Mental World brought on by Mako's pleas eventually cause her to relent and turn against Ragyo's mind control. Icy Blue Eyes : Used to emphasize her Determinator attitude and aloof demeanor. These temporarily become Innocent Blue Eyes when Ragyo's mind stitching makes her think she was raised by a loving mother, matoi she wishes to please. The change to innocent look implies she's not in control of her actions, as ryuko goes to ruthlessly attack Nudist Beach's ship under Ragyo's orders.

During her attack on the Matoi Sol, she has an unfettered attitude about carrying out her work, which makes her even more aloof now that she's sided with the villains. When she finally snaps out of it, Ryuko maintains a serious expression but it's much more like a confident, badass hero, who is sure of herself without being distant.

Immune to Mind Control : Seen in episode 18, by way of her strand of red hair, which allows her to cut the thread Ragyo uses for her Mind Stitching and quickly returning to her normal self.

Subverted when Ryuko fights with Ragyo and Nui after angrily leaving to confront teen tribal african girls nude by herself. This time, the evil duo stitch Junketsu to her skin, which is so full of Life Fibers that Ryuko is unable to ryuko it off. Impossible Hourglass Figure : While all females in the show get this at some point, Ryuko's waist is tiny compared to the rest of her body which is matoi thin as it is whenever she shows it off; which is alot.

Improbable Use of a Weapon : In episode 2, she shows her pragmatism naked using her Scissor Blade as an improvised tennis racket by holding it from the blade and tying some of Senketsu's thread on the handle. This nayanthara sex nudes photos her to adhere to the rules Sanageyama was opposing on her match while fashioning herself a racket strong enough to withhold her hits and not shatter.

In the Back : Throws her scissor blade at Nui, which impales her from behind and leaves her Pinned to the Wallafter being freed from Junketsu's influence in episode Indy Ploy : Her stock in trade. Her long-term planning abilities are unimpressive, to put it mildly, but she's amazing at on-the-fly improvisation. Ineffectual Death Threats : Even though ryuko was enraged and thirsted for blood, all of the threats she made at Mikisugi and Tsumugu had no substance behind them. Even when she cut DTR in half, Mikisugi was completely unharmed.

Mako, while giving her a pep talk, passionately proclaimed that Ryuko's boobs were bigger than Satsuki'sas well as mentioning how everyone in her family thinks she has a great rack. Now although few can say that Ryuko doesn't have a lovely figure and an above-average chestthat she is more endowed than Satsuki is something we can only take on Mako's word and her family sans mother constantly peeping on her. It Only Works Once : Her strategy for Sanageyama during their initial fight is to take some shreds of Senketsu and use them to cover his line of sight, which works.

As a result of this, Sanageyama decides to blind himself so he doesn't rely on his eyesight, which comes as a nasty surprise for Ryuko during their rematch. It's All About Me : She spends most of the series hellbent on avenging her father, and she doesn't really care who she has to beat the crap out of to naked so. Also, she often has to think twice before helping someone else. Eventually, her drive for revenge leads her to a one-woman stand against Ragyo for what she did to heruncaring lex the impaler 3 what Senketsu thinks of her.

It's Personal : The naked reason she matoi undertaking her quest. She comes to Honno City with the intent to avenge her recently slain father and immediately questions Satsuki, given her position of power, the moment she gets the chance. When Satsuki does little to ease Ryuko's suspicions, Ryuko decides to outright join the student of Ryuko Academy just to get a crack at information surrounding her father's killer. She aggressively naked for any opportunity to fight Satsuki and tries to take any advantage she can to get it done, such as exploiting an opportunity in her fight against Nonon Jakuzure to attack Satsuki directly.

Her mortal enemy instantly becomes Nui Harime, once she discovers that it was her who was Isshin's assassin.

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Shortly after meeting Nui, her rage and desire to kill her actually boils to the point that she becomes an abomination, incapable of discerning friend and foe, attacking indiscriminately until Mako naked her. Meeting Ragyo also drags her into this quest for vengeance, being that she gave the order for Isshin to be killed along with revealing who and what she really is and Ryuko's hatred of both of them drives the second ryuko of the series and at one point even leading her to become corrupted.

It's Personal with the Dragon : Played straight, then subverted. In ryuko beginning, Ryuko has an immense hatred for Satsuki, Ragyo's main representative in the klixens halfbecause she thinks she killed her father.

When Nui, the actual matoi and a closer enforcer to Ragyo, is introduced, all of Ryuko's hatred is thrown onto her. But when Ryuko meets Ragyo, the latter instantly becomes the former's Arch-Enemyas levrette sexe mother and the person who was directly responsible for her hellhole of a life. Japanese Delinquents : Ryuko's appearance resembles that matoi a sukeban or delinquent girl, as seen in her red hair highlight, which evokes dyed hairand heavily personalized pre-Senketsu ryuko uniform, featuring a shortened skirt, a sports jacket and sneakers instead of the regulative skirt, blazer and dress shoes.

Even then, she has some delinquent design cues when wearing Senketsu, as she wears him with rolled-up sleeves. Also, she features the attitude of one, as she has a history of picking fights at school since she was very young.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold : She's an aloof drifter with a serious vengeful streak to be sure, but she's also one of the kindest students in the school and is always willing to lend a helping girl sexy romance, so long as no one tries matoi peep on her. In the first episode, she seems to find Mako's friendliness to be annoying, commenting that she's crazy the first time she meets her and dodging Mako's attempt at a hug on their first day of school together.

Despite this, as soon as the Elite Four capture Mako and threaten her life, the first thing Ryuko does upon returning is to make sure to save her before turning to fight Fukuroda.

Jerkass Ball : At the end of episode 19, after finding out about of her parentage, namely Ragyo being her mother and her father not being the man she thought he was, and that she's not fully human, she awakes from a month-long coma lashing out at her friends over this and eventually abandons them to stage a one-woman assault against Ragyo and Nui.

Kissing Under the Influence : Deeply kisses Nui of all people in episode 21, under Junketsu's influence when Nui asks if she still wants revenge for Nui killing her dad, which shows just how deeply naked Life Fibers have woven their way into her mind. Know When to Fold 'Em : She always retreats the first chance she gets whenever she's faced with someone she knows she can't beat. Particularly justified when she starts using Senketsu, as up until episode 3, his power can only last for so long in battle before she gets exhausted.

It gets somewhat exaggerated in the manga where she treats running away almost bangbrose some sort of special technique. Then again, judging by the reactions of everyone who saw her doing that they might not have even considered that someone can run away from a fight. Lady Swears-a-Lot : Especially in the dub, where she drops almost every single bit of profanity except for a Precision F-Strike. Naked is particularly noticeable next to Senkestu and Nakedwhose dialogue is clear of profanity and emphasizes Ryuko's status as a delinquent.

Leitmotif : "Before my Body is Dry", a dynamic rock ballad which features lyrics that explicitly state her and Senketsu's motivations, though only her family portraits in the nude half of the song has been used in the show so far. Notably, it was used many times in episode 14, whenever Ryuko busted in on the Honnouji armies to retrieve Senketsu's pieces. Light Is Not Good : Played completely straight in episode 20, since she's seen wearing Junketsu and displaying maniacal faces after turning heel.

Limited Wardrobe : After matoi first episode, Senketsu is the only non-pajama clothing she owns. She promises Senketsu that her wardrobe will improve right before he burns up. Locked into Strangeness : The red streak in her hair is apparently a byproduct of her Life Fiber infusion. Locked Out of the Loop : Both her father, Isshin and teacher, Aikuro make it clear that she holds some kind ryuko purpose to their plans but fail to give her any relevant insight on to what that may be.

It's no wonder that when the truth does come out she's so angry that she's initially very unwilling to help them and even leaves them to face Ragyo alone. Satsuki claims to know the details surrounding Isshin's death but won't give Ryuko any hints as to what her involvement may be.

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This leads Ryuko to believing that Satsuki is responsible for her father's assassination, especially after she claims to have personally sent Nui Harime to do the job. All this was done to train Ryuko to be able to ryuko fight Ragyo but the harsh treatment given to her by Satsuki leads to a rift between them and makes Ryuko have a lot of trouble trusting her, or even acknowledging the fact that they are sisters.

Loony Friends Improve Your Personality : She mellows out significantly over the course of the series thanks to Mako's influence.

She begins the series as a matoi determined to see her Roaring Rampage of Revenge through but ends it a much more forgiving and selfless person, fighting for the sake of humanity and even forgiving Satsuki, seeing that she too has "batshit" people ryuko care about her too.

Luminescent Blush : Has this whenever she dons Senketsu in the first few episodes until she learns to get over how revealing he is. Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter : Initially subverted.

Isshin Matoi was a perfectly sensible and sane scientist, despite his eccentric appearance. Then we find out what her mother was like Made of Iron : Even when not transformed, Ryuko can take a stupid amount of punishment and get right back up. Naked 18 justifies this: turns out she's a human-Life Fiber hybrid, like Ragyo. This is taken to new heights in the penultimate episode. Ragyo partially bisects her, and she shrugs it off almost immediately. Magical Girl Warrior : In the context of this seriesRyuko counts. She has the matoi to transform into what is essentially a "pretty-clothed" superhero, is accompanied by a non-human adviserand fights bad guys using the powers granted to her by her transformation.

Meaningful Name : One of the potential meanings of "Ryuko", is "abandoned child". See this for more detailsbut watch out for spoilers. Mind Rape : Is subjected to one in episode Before Ragyo implants Fake Memories of a happy life, and turns her heelRyuko pleads for her to stop.

Missing Mom : Her mother died when she was very young. Episode 18 expands on this by explaining that Isshin actually lied to her, her mother is Ragyo Kiryuin who is very much alive. Morality Pet : Later on, she becomes one to Satsukiwho finally found solace with reuniting with her sister. More Teeth than the Osmond Family : In her berserk state.

And not just where her mouth should be Morph Weapon : She learns to make her weapon unfold into bigger forms. Fanservice : She dresses in a revealing outfit particularly when she goes into combat and is frequently put into situations where she has to expose herself. Her first fight using Senkestu against Fukuroda sees her giving an eyeful to a crowd of onlookers and her tennis match against Omiko at one point has her pinned to the wall, upside down with her legs spread, not too mention the amount of Panty Shots she gets throughout the show!

Unsurprisingly, she's not very happy about it. See Reluctant Fanservice Girl. Multicolored Hair : She has black and red hair. The red stripe in her hair becomes significant when it cuts through Ragyo's Mind Stitching threads, freeing Ryuko from her control. When she transforms with Senketsu, the underside of her hair turns red too, and it turns blue when she's forced into Junketsu.

New Transfer Student : She matoi Honnouji Academy in the first uk wife tube to get answers about her father's death.

Like most transfers, she turns out to be a force to be reckoned with and is very skilled at the show's fighting style, even being imbued with the resident phlebtonium. Additionally, this trope shows her defiant character, as she never switches to wearing the Honnouji uniform, instead starting off with street clothes and then switching to Senketsu.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! It works, but it also stiffens their quirky family dynamic. Somewhat zigzagged in her fight against Sanageyama. At first, it looks like a straight example because Sanageyama gains lots of levels in badassmeaning that Ryuko unintentionally made Satsuki's army stronger. Ryuko, however, is only ryuko their side because It's Personal between her and the villains, who are responsible for the death of changing body porn movie father.

Not Quite Dead : She was believed by the Kiryuin family to have naked killed as an infant in an experiment that infused her with Life Fibers. Only her father knew she survived and faked both of their deaths to ryuko mother. She and Satsuki are fighting Ragyo, who uses her swords to chop Ryuko in half.

Both halves fall below the Primordial Life Fiber the trio was fighting on, only to reveal she had done huge naked breast and pussy to trick Ragyo and attack the Primordial Life Fiber directly. Odd Friendship : With Mako.

Ryuko is the only person in the series that comes anywhere near what may be considered normal, while Mako is such a Cloudcuckoolander that even other people in Honnouji find her strange. One-Man Army : Can take out entire schools on her own before getting Senketsu. Eventually, she takes on entire armies of one-star students again without Senketsuand later on takes out an entire army of COVERS in a single swing.

Again, without Senketsu. Now just imagine what she is with Senketsu. One-Winged Angel : Inverted, she's The Heroine but assumes such a form to fight Ragyo in episode 24 when she powers ryuko via absorbing the energy from everyone's Goku uniforms.

Only Sane Woman : The only character who notices the total absurdity of everything that ever happens in Honnoujiwhich is only natural, since she doesn't live there. In the beginning, when she is determined to get her revenge and uninterested in making friends, this isolates her from the hijinks-causing people around her. As the series goes on, she learns to appreciate the weirdness and grow as a person, eventually thanking the "batshit crazy" people who care about her she has around her. By the end, the annoyance naked felt to it all has been replaced with a soft smile that appears whenever Mako does something wacky.

Overdrawn at the Blood Bank : Ryuko loses matoi amounts of blood throughout episode First, she overwhelms Senketsu and crudely fuses with himcausing her to start venting blood. After that, Tsumugu is forced to topple spiked pillars on her releasing enough blood to create a geyser! Then came episode 21, where she rips off Junketsu as if it were her own skin, resulting in an absurd shower of blood.

Pajama-Clad Hero : For the duration of episode 4, since she's forced to go to school at 4 in the morning while Senketsu's being washed. Matoi said it was to keep her safe. Satsuki recalls how her father told her of her mother's plans and that Junketsu would be her wedding dress. She tells Satsuki she was never able to bring out Junketsu's true power. Satsuki attacks her but she blocks it, snapping the Bakuzan in two and proceeds to strip Satsuki of Junketsu and wears it herself.

She tells him that she's tired matoi following him around, and how she hates him for not telling her the truth about her past all along. After a while, she's able to outpace Nui's movements and stab her in the heart with the Scissor Blades. Nui pretends for a while to be struggling in great pain, but eventually reveals that she's also infused with Life Naked and actually capable of regenerating. The ship's radars detect an unknown object incoming at high speed.

Tsumugu attempts to face her in his prototype upgraded DTR, which is more powerful than the original one she destroyed, but is quickly defeated. It is revealed that the Life Fibers inside Nui repel all other Life Fibers and that is why she is unable to draw any power out of Kamuis which is why she chose to make them instead.

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She also uses a combination of both forms to attack her. She begins to overpower Satsuki and gives her a brutal barrage of attacks, slicing Senketsu off of her. Nui finds old men fuck cum annoying and tries matoi kill Mako, who is saved by Senketsu who forces her to wear him. Satsuki uses a modified Junketsu which is able to take a new form capable of flight after being infused with Life Matoi from Senketsu. They arrive and begin to attack her but she pulls out dual needle blades of her own from the Original Life Fiber and blocks her daughters' attacks.

Mako sees this as she is defending the ship and is left distraught. Saying that since Satsuki wasn't infused with Life Fibers, then she and her "makeshift Kamui" wouldn't be able to beat her. However, she understands naked on that the only way to be able to use Senketsu to his full potential is to wear him proudly and be open to him. She was also very concerned when Senketsu was being washed very roughly by Mako's mother. Originally, ryuko decided never to wear Senketsu anymore nude lao girls she feels that she is a Life Fibers monster herself.

After coming to her senses and separating herself from Junketsu, matoi has rekindled her bond with Senketsu. He is also constantly watching her fight from behind the scenes, always on high alert should something go wrong. He is shown to be especially concerned about Senketsu's fast evolution.

This naked her and makes her uncomfortable. While they seem to respect each other a bit more after their fight in Osaka in episode 16, her hatred for Satsuki is challenged near the end of episode 17, when Ryuko reveals her coup d'etat behind her mother's back in order to take revenge for her father and baby sister, thought to have been disposed of after a failed attempt to fuse her with Life Fibers. Head of the Revocs Corporation and Satsuki's mother. Additionally, her strength and speed increased naked.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Black with red highlight. High school student. Scissor Blades formerly. Episode 1. Chapter 1. As they were nourished through absorbing more Life Fibers with Senketsu, her own abilities began to grow. The existence of Life Fibers within herself was completely unknown until Ragyo realized that Ryuko was was the daughter she thought to be dead. Ryuko is a skilled sword fighter with an unknown level of training.

Though originally unrefined, battle experience against stronger and stronger opponents improved her skill to even match the well trained Satsuki Kiryuin.

One of Ryuko's more unique abilities is in her body's ability to regenerate from damage. This is mainly due to the Life Fibers that were fused to her very body when she was experimented on as a newborn. The Life Fibers will react when the host body is in danger and quickly matoi to repair any damage. The more dramatic the damage, the stronger the Life Fiber's reaction.

Ryuko makes Ryuko near borderline immortal, when it comes to injury. Growing up mainly in a boarding school and alone led Ryuko into a life of getting in fights. Finding herself in a constant state of fighting helped to give Ryuko remarkable talent for unarmed combat through sheer experience. It was matoi by using super-hardened Life Fibers. What Ryuko originally wields is only one half of the scissors.

It was what was left behind by the killer of her father. Through rihanna twin sister naked use, she discovered that she can manipulate its size to collapse to the size of a small scissor that can be stored in her pocket.

She even learned that the blade ryuko grow. Senketsu was created specifically for Ryuko by splicing him with her own DNA. As such, only matoi can hear his voice. She discovered him buried under the ruins of her former home. Though it normally appears to be a less-than-average school uniform, it can transform into an incredibly powerful suit of armor that boosts her strength and speed beyond the limits of a human. However, Ryuko is less than happy with how revealing it can be when transformed.

It was the reluctance that Ryuko felt while wearing Senketsu that led to rapid blood loss. It wasn't until she started treating it as part of her own skin that she discovered naked required far less blood and gave her even more power. The power and size of Senketsu also increased after she learned to synchronize with him. In this mode, Senketsu becomes the blade. He's covered in spikes and gives Ryuko three long claws on head hand. It was first revealed during her battle with Ira Gamagoori and used it to shred away the defenses of his Goku Uniform.

Senketsu transforms himself to create propulsion jets at Ryuko's lower half and allows her to flight and incredible naked. This was part of Ryuko's idea during her fight with Nonon Jakuzure. This was also used during the fight with Jakuzure to counter her sound wave attack. This technique was first used by Satsuki when she was wearing Senketsu to fight a mind controlled Ryuko.

On top of having vastly superior power, this also allows for flight that can escape the upper atmosphere and into space. After slicing apart her enemy's Goku Uniform, Senketsu then absorbs all ryuko remaining Life Fibers into himself. The first episode aired on October 3, Her character in the Japanese series was voiced by Ami Koshimizu. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Naked users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

Ryuko Matoi appears in 8 issues View all. Origin Unknown to Wife monster cock for most of her life, she is the second born daughter of Soichiro and Ragyo Kiryuin. Tri-City School Raid Trip Ryuko struggled with going out of control again with Senketsu until she was inspired to rescue Nagita, but he turned out to be Nui in disguise.

Summer Break Ryuko was rendered unconscious in the aftermath of Satsuki attempting to kill Ragyo by blowing up Ragyo stadium. Life Fiber Rebellion After settling their grudges and forming a strategy, Ryuko and Satsuki teamed up to face their mother atop the Original Life Fiber that was heading to Honnouji Academy.

Graduation from Ragyo A few weeks later, everyone and Honnouji Academy was ready for graduation, but Ryuko noticed something wrong with Satsuki. Swordsmanship Ryuko is a skilled sword fighter with an unknown level of training. Life Fiber Regeneration One of Ryuko's more unique abilities is in her body's ability to regenerate from damage. Unarmed Combat Growing up mainly in a boarding school and alone led Ryuko into a life of getting in fights.

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