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Japan Stepmother #9 - Rob Gasser - Superhero ( [NCS Release]

Max is getting an eyeful.

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Annette must assume the diaper position on a table, even more for Max to absorb. More belt. Max and his wife-to-be will step into the next room and try it on his daughters. When Max offers them a choice, they will take a spanking or hand over their cell phones, car keys, and credit cards or cooperate.

They agree. You can bring down any girl with this choice. Jennifer will go first.

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Now this is a stepmother right out of Little Red Riding Hood, because the last strap stroke is a vertical one, on the pussy. Blonde Sindy gets the same 30, naked, including attention to her vagina, while Jennifer watches naked. A new regimen is established in this household. They show Annette how to kiss. They call in the gardener Jonny, who they threaten with rape claims.

They encourage Annette to experiment with a handjob. One sister slips off to report Annette.

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On a darkened set, we transition to the prototype MOOD punishment scene. Annette strips first and kneels over a box platform, Max gives her 30 cane strokes, having mastered this CP stuff quickly. Laddered marks and some skin pops, and down those thighs.

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Max summons Jonny, who claims he was blackmailed to open his pants. The sisters confess. Mood Pictures - Behind closed doors.

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The Stepmother 8 - Scene 2. Mood Pictures - The Maid. Sentenced to Corporal Punishment - 20 min. Mood Pictures - Judicial Punishment. Mood Pictures - Special Treatment. Wheel of pain 5.

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Mood Pictures - South American Vacation. Rita nude for long torture. The Art and Show of a Dominatrix. Extreme torture, whipping and destruction of her breasts.

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Fear - 20 min. Mood Castings Interview - Suzy. Spanking Live on Stage.