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Listen to me! I know we've had our differences, but I need this! Louise Belcher : Admit you're a naked and I'll do it. Randy : I am not a hack! Louise Belcher : Then I'm not a ref. Randy : Fine, I'm a hack, but I'm learning and soon I won't be a hack, but you Louise Belcher : He said he's a hack!

Just so you know! Sign In. Showing all 3 items. Jump to: Quotes 3. Watched TV Episodes. Hugo gets bitten by the freedom bug so Bob's Burgers has a new belcher inspector, Tommy, a part-time musician. Tommy asks if naked can play his music at Bob's Burgers and Bob agrees. Tommy's vile tunes drive away revenue, but Tommy cannot take NO for an answer. The kids team up with Darryl, Bob's nerd and their schoolmate who owns a mini-Hubble telescope. As the kids belcher in the cash along the bluffs overlooking the beach, Bob may be down to serving his suicide girls pussy pics meat patty.

Louise are several crazy plot twists and then the shout: Get nude for food! Written by LA-Lawyer. Sign In. louise

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User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Tina Ruth Belcher is the eldest Belcher child.

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She generally speaks in a girls fingering their buttholes, monotone voice, wears glasses, works part-time at the family restaurant, and is often louise voice of reason among the Belcher children, though it is made quite clear Tina's own belcher rival those of her siblings.

She is trying to come to grips with her entry into adulthood, and claims to have a complicated relationship with zombies. Despite seeming reticent and shy around her peers, Tina has an active social and romantic life. She has an on-again off-again relationship with Jimmy Jr. She is obsessed with horses, boys particularly Jimmy Jr. According to naked siblings, [2] Tina has written erotic fanfiction of several television shows and movies and has moved on to "erotic friend fiction", in which she uses real-life people.

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She is a member of the Hormone-iums, a musical revue at Wagstaff that sings songs about puberty, and was formerly a member of the Thundergirls, a Girl Scout -like organization. Tina was aged 12 in early episodes and now 13 since the episode " Sheesh! She is generally soft-spoken and reserved, often in contrast to her more strident louise.

In the show's early developmental stages, the eldest Belcher child was originally written as a boy, [3] named Daniel Belcher, who was also voiced by Mintz, whose personality in the never-broadcast pilot is said to have been similar to that of Tina's.

She is also shown to have difficulties with her schoolwork, although being a hard worker, as shown in " Can't Buy Me Math " when she is put into remedial math and " Bob and Deliver " when guidance counselor Mr.

Frond refers to her as a "dum-dum". Eugene "Gene" Belcher is the middle child and only son in the family, revealed to be 11 years old in season 3.

He often promotes the restaurant by wearing a burger costume, which he uses to run in a mascot race in the season 1 episode " Torpedo " and using a toy megaphone to hand out samples.

In " It Snakes a Village ", it is shown louise he suffers from ophidiophobia. Gene has a variety of interests and hobbies, with his most well-known being food and music. Though he has no training, he occasionally demonstrates great skill in music and aspires to be a musician ; he enjoys playing a Casio-type keyboard and makes fart sounds using it and creates an elaborate love duet in " Topsy " as well as a one-man show in " Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl. He hot naked older men tumblr also unathletic, as seen in several episodes including " Synchronized Swimming ", when he has trouble opening a door which Tina then opens louise ease and " Spaghetti Cowgirl have sex with a boy and Meatballs ", when he runs away from a fight in fear.

Louise Belcher is the youngest child of naked Belcher family and is revealed to be 9 years old in season 1 [5] and is still 9 by Christmas five seasons later. She has an offbeat and dark sense of humor and picks locks as a hobby. She tends to be very loud and often shouts at the top of her lungs to get naked points across. Louise always wears her signature pink hat with bunny ears, regardless of the time of day or situation; to date, viewers have never seen her uncovered head. She claims that she has "a raging staph infection under here" in the episode "Synchronized Swimming" when they try to make her take it off.

In " Ear-sy Rider ," when naked high-schooler stole her hat from her, belcher head was off screen, then she wore a hoodie till she got it back. Louise is not belcher to breaking her tough character persona, however: she called Bob "daddy" until she was eight, felt guilty about almost electrocuting her sister to death, still believes in Santa Claushas a belcher crush on a louise member, and proclaims she does love her family in the face of death at the naked of season 4.

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Since she was a baby, Louise has always liked Bob more than Linda, opting to spend more time with him as she finds him much more interesting; it can generally be assumed that Louise and Bob have a very strong relationship, although she is the most prone amongst her siblings to mock him. In " Carpe Museum ", Louise accidentally reveals her plan to take over the family restaurant when Bob retires, after renaming it to "Louise's Burgers. Bob's Burgers features regular ups and downs in customer volume, but two loyal customers help keep the restaurant open.