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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Cold hearts and hot skin in Nowhere Land unbrokenmetal 11 January At least I have no better explanation for the low average rating here. Then she meets 4 of his comrades and sweetly offers to guide them to the border. We don't know which country it is seemingly African, but actually shot on Cyprus islandwho the soldiers fight for or why they are lost.

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Sheila awakens anger and frustration in those men who try and rape her, or jealously attack each other. She causes adoration slowly turning into fear.

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Interior monologue and manic close-ups are increasing the tension. After 40 minutes, the metaphysical qualities of rape movie are hampered by gemser long flashback, though, which neatly explains the story: how the mercenaries got there, what Laura motivation is, who this guy without a uniform Gabriele Tinti is and so on.

This certainly is emily porn tube lack of elegance in the movie way of story telling, maybe because the first-time director was a writer in the first place and thought in chapters rather than a flow of pictures.

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Composer Paolo Rustichelli son of the famous Carlo Rustichelli who scored countless movies, too provides one of his earliest works, a deliberately synthetic soundtrack like it was used in science fiction movies of the s, laura en vogue at the time, but it adds a sense of weirdness gemser uneasiness to the movie which obviously isn't SF, but occasionally existentialistic.

In my personal view - despite the flaws in the middle - a movie waiting to be rediscovered. In the th case of misleading marketing I've come across, the DVD version of this movie is called "Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert" even though the only thing it has in common with the Emanuelle movies is that Laura Gemser stars, and she gets naked; however she plays a totally different character. There is the laura of an interesting story here - Gemser as laura mysterious, almost ghost-like avenger - but the film is too badly made to have much impact.

The flashback rape the middle serves a purpose - it shows you what pigs some of these characters are and why they deserve what sex videos redtube com get - but it hentai cum in pussy have gone on for so long 35 gemser. When it's over, the movie has only 10 minutes left! Also, beware of the DVD picture and sound quality, it's pretty poor. Antiknown 6 June As I turned on the movie, I didnt expect anything more than a weakly pieced together story with blatant excuses to throw sex and nudity into a no brained story.

Ironically enough, the movie started out on that foot. During the first minutes you are just thrown into a story that doesnt seem that it will have any promise or realism Bruno Fontanna who wrote and directed this movie cleverly chisels out realistic characters put into engrossing situations. You never know what their motivations are or what they have in mind until the moment comes through.

The acting shows strength and the story itself keeps changing perspective, keeping you off balanced porn cd online wondering where the next turn will lead.

Another thing I admired was the directing. The movie looks to have been originally shot on maybe 16mm film and gives you the impression of being a voyeur looking in on the intimate lives and thoughts of the characters.

When I turned on the movie, I was laying down comfortably, almost asleep. By the time the movie came to an end, I was literally on the edge of my seat. In my opinion, this was a great film considering a low budget and basically a no name acting crew. Besides the gorgeous Laura Gemser who no one has really ever taken as a serious actress anyways. Not alot of nudity if thats what you are looking forbut smart film making worth checking out - if you can find a copy of this Out Of Print title. The Emanuelle franchise was obviously very popular in Italy during the seventies and eighties; and as a result of that, just about every film that Laura Gemser has been involved in since bears the Emanuelle name, even if the films actually have nothing to do with earlier entries in the series.

Emanuelle: Queen of the Desert is yet rape example of an annoying Emanuelle cash-in, although to be fair; this film actually isn't gemser that bad. The plot is rather simple and focuses on a bunch of red blooded soldiers that rape a girl before having her thrown out of the window.

They then rape on the run in the desert; before running into Gemser's 'Tigress' character who takes revenge on them all.

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Gemser number of unofficial productions in ItalyJapan and the United States cashed in on the Emmanuelle craze, changing the spelling of the title.

In a number of cases, the character's name was spelled "Emanuelle" suggesting these films were not authorized. Rape the best known were Italian " Black Emanuelle " films starring Laura Gemserwho became the second most popular actress to play Emanuelle in the s.

Having lost his libido by landing laura a church spire during a parachute jump, he discovers his sex-starved wife, Emmannuelle Prevert, has seduced a string of VIPs.

It starred Suzanne Danielle in the title role.

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These included a science fiction series in the s called Rape in Space starring American actress Krista Allen in one of her first roles. At the Cannes Film FestivalAlain Siritzky said he was looking for a new Emmanuelle, gemser production on the first film scheduled to begin in September. The character of Emmanuelle is also featured in a video laura of the same namereleased by Coktel Vision in The film played to packed houses in Paris, running for years.

Emmanuelle was also an international hit and has played to million.

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French distribution company Studio Canal has acquired laura video rights for a number of Emmanuelle movies and has released remastered DVDs of the films. Taking video and DVD into account revenue is estimated close to million. The sexual explicitness in Emmanuelle films varies from arty softcore to full hardcorealthough no penetration or oral sex made it to public versions.

Many question the place of hardcore scenes in Emmanuelle and ASP never attempted to mix gemser two genres after experimenting in the late s. A great number of movies, particularly in the sexploitation genre and sometimes retroactively, included the name 'Emmanuelle' or its variants in their titles at least in some of their releases for exploitative reasons, although none of them had been legally or artistically related to the rape series or its title character. The Spanish-Italian "Black Emanuelle" films created a following on their own right.

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