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Mexican street fight. She was sent home after kicking Amber M. Adios chica! Portia confonted Natalie in the limo on the way home, but the fight didn't stop there. It really began once Portia overheard Natalie talking about her daughter.

Furious, she attacked Natalie until the producers pulled her off and she was immediately sent home. Next Gallery: Lexie. Kicked Out Bad Girls Leslie was disappointed that her roommates were doing nothing to create change in their lives. Jan 16, I read somewhere that Stephanie and Gigi s11 were originally going to be on Allstar Battle 2 but were replaced because of fan reactions of their season.

The Bad Girls Club – Jennavecia and Tanisha At War - video dailymotion

Production is messy as shit. Janelle went on the bad girls club for the exposure because she thought it would help her get her own line of hair and also because she said she wanted her own show. She took down the video but was still banned. Truth is the real reason Milyn Jensen left the house was because she asked for more money, and Oxygen wouldn't give it to her so she faked being sick. I'm glad Tashas banned.

Bitch got on my damn nerves. Thanks x 1 LOL! And to think I felt bad for Annie at one point Funny, she said she was a phone sex operator on the show. I guess she forgot to mention that the sex courtney cummz nude over the phone. I forgot what most of the girls look like. OP, if you don't mind, can you include some pics of the girls with their names? What about the cast members from season 2?

Thank you so much Shego for posting various rumors and gossip about BGC. Especially season 1. Don't believe this. Jan 17, Jan 18, Jan 21, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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She is real as fuck. And Cordelia is stupid cause she did basically make her. She just mad cause she aint the shit and she aint as bad as she thinks she is. So yall quit hating on her. Let her do her.

The Bad Girls Club – They’re Turning on Each Other - video dailymotion

Let Jennavecia come piss in your sink a couple of times if you like her so much XD Cougar gif person on the show i like is Darlen so I'm not standing up for Cordelia either. Jenn, you're one sketchy broad. Jennavecia is a crack whore, i hope they take her kid away. What a desgusting PIG. Image and neveen engage in hd quality.

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