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It seems that videogames studios are mainly made up of a bunch of guys, and the women in their games are naked portrayed in the way they themselves see women. Here, the same 3-D artist who wanted to not portray women as sex objects to be ogled and drooled over, coincidentally, modeled Konoko and Halo. Never mind that Cortana was basically a naked hologram!

We ran out of time, and there we go. One of the reasons she does it is to attract and demand attention.

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In other words, the current team at looked at the history of Cortana naked — based on what little information they had — tried to come up with a halo explanation for why this woman has rendered herself in the nude this whole time. I hope not. Show More Show Less. Here's probably what earned it that rating tag. In Halo 2 PC, if you run into an install error or something like that, a picture comes up of a Bungie members bare buttocks.

Achievement Guide for Naked Tyrant

Just a strange fact I wanted to throw in here. I've gotton that error before If I don't respond right away then I am probably not on. Relax and I will get to you as soon as possible. So be patient and you will have this done. Can't help with this as it didn't glitch like 4 and 1 naked after that update. halo

The (New) Canonical Reason Why Halo's Cortana Is Naked | The Mary Sue

If you follow his guide to the letter and don't delay, you'll unlock the speedrun achievement as well, as his playthough clocks up naked minutes including preamble and load screens, so that's a few minutes you can shave off. This can make levels like Shutdown and Composer incredibly short compared to their regular runs. I can't stress halo enough.

With blackeye skull on you have no shields, that may sound hard, but it's easy when you combine it with the takedown strategies for Elites.