Halle berry ass grab

Halle Berry kisses Jamie Foxx

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Rur0ni Ass. Aug 6, 7, 0 0. Tyrone Slothrop said:. Speevy Banned. Jun 26, 62, 1 0. Pictured: Jamie Foxx accepting an award for best berry grab. Judging by neatmovies com fire burning grab the background I'd say its from a movie set.

Burai shitonmychest Oct 19, 6, 0 0. Jun 7, 20, 0 0 Rur0ni said:. She has a "partner". Halle she and her man like to swing. I'd lose a screw. And judging by the award in his hand its from some award show. Skilotonn xbot xbot xbot xbot xbot. Feb 28, 14, 0 0. Hootie Member.

Halle & Jamie: Get A Room!

Aug 6, 12, 0 0. Windu never heard about the cat, apparently. Mar 29, 35, 0 0. Foob Member. Nov 2, 3, 0 0. Windu said:. Kinitari Black Canada Mafia. Feb 10, 20, 0 0. Is her hand going INTO his pants in that last picture?

Like, through the fly? What About Beyonce? What About Those People? Come On Now.

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Halle Has Done Nuthin Wrong!! She's Playing A Role!! Not Halle Herself!! Leave Halle Alone!! She's a horrible kisser And grab slobbering saliva all over his face.

Seems Halle will do anything in the name of "show business"; remember Monster's Ball.? That is going ass above and beyond the call of duty. Obviously she has no respect for Gabriel or her daughter either for that matter. Whatev: Halle stooped to a level she did not need berry ever go. NO it isn't necessary to just get loose once in a while. Didn't she already do all that. Halle be for anyone at any stage in life.

Listen to trina phone sex saying Nothing to prove and so not a good look at all. Stay classy. Publicity stunts always give it away. Goooooo Halle. I'm willing to bet they have a movie or something coming out. A different prospective.

For the Record: If any man cannot handle Ms Berry -her money, status, love scenes, kissing -well his insecure ass needs to leave. This is why actors date and marry each other because you need to be able to handle what your partner does for a living. Halle still whips folks up into a frenzy. She still got it and she deserves to be working just like the white girls in Hollywood.

To make it in Hollywood you need to be ambitious, patient and hard-working.

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It's a shame that woman of color don't have more opportunities like the white girls. Some of you are in here acting as if they are having sex or something. From what I see her and her boyfriend are very much a couple, as mentioned he gets berry hit that everynight so why care about this? Halle has always carried herself right, she has always represented well. To me when you always carry yourself a certain way its ok to get loose every now and then.

I think the fact that she has always seemed to be so unatainable adds to her allure and is another reason men love her so much. Anyone calling ass a ho is a female, trust. I'm not mad at the woman nor the man I wouldn't classify Halle as a ho because she doesn't sleep around to my knowledge. So she slobbed Jaime down so what It's her job to act and that's what both of them are doing.

Calm down. Aman, I just want to say that lots of insecure men like grab LOVE to say that women want men for money but rarely, if ever, point out the fact that those same guys usuually pick the money hungry girls for the d?bora nascimento nude LOOKS! But besides that fact, you would have to say that about Halle no matter who was on stage.

So Halle was doomed for just kissing period, right? The pictures were surprising and my hubby told me about this kiss saying halle he was really disappointed in her. But really, who gives a boo-boo? Really…this whole argument has totally been about Halle is on Jamie because he got money!

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Do da Damn THang Jamie!!!! Halle… Lets not leave baby daddy n da dark on yo Jamie thang. I always knew she wanted a blk man… She got her self a damn good 1 too!! She gne b rockin that thing like… I am strongly suspecting that berry Halle-Gabriel split has that kiss and grabbing with Jamie Foxx as the reason. The timeline seems to kind of match too, that kiss happened end of last May, then a few months with them going back and forth about ass to do, then splitting but keeping it private, then they let the public know.

What would that do to your psyche and feelings and respect and trust for her judgement? May 31 Damn if that was me I could just halle a happy man hot young sluts getting fucked there on stage. Yo, he got a grab full of that ass.

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Tue, Jun 02, - am. You know how women are about money. Where are they and why the fuck are they groping each other like that? I'm confused like a mug This just really came out of left field I was just in her family thread with her and her baby and her boyfriend and thinking they make a nice little family and then I come in here and she getting busy literally on the stage with Jamie.

Alrighty then. She's baaaaaack. She looks the same as she did 10 years ago! Go Halle!

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Thanks x 6. This is a mother? This is why I cannot fully respect, or take this actress seriously In one breath you want to be respected for your skills as an artist, and want people to see you as something other than a sex object Lol, wow wtf is goin on Halle looks hot tho, she's fourty with a body like she's 20, not mad at all tho Thanks x 7.

They are just groping each other for what? Thanks x 4. Thanks x 3. Why Halle?