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My little secret. As I am moving, I begin to pick up speed. I can feel your asshole gripping me like a tight glove. I press my cock up your bottom as far as possible and then shoot my load of hot come deep in your bowels.

I hold you tightly against me until my cock has deflated and slides out.

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I tell you to go back to the corner and keep your nose pressed into it. As I watch you move to the corner, I can see my come leaking out of your bottom. Now that you have been punished for being disobedient and lazy, I tell you that your final punishment for being mouthy is about to take place. I go into the bathroom, get a rag and a bar of soap and work the rag into a lather.

I come back out and tell you to come to me and kneel in front of me. You see the rag in my hands and I see you swallow hard. You hitomi anal but keep your mouth open anyway. I take you by the arm and help you up and lead you over to the chair. Once I sit down, I tell you not to let the rag fall out of your mouth and pull you over my lap again.

This time there is no warm up. I begin spanking your bare bottom hard and fast.

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I can hear your squeals and protests through the rag. You bottom is bouncing all over my lap and I have to tighten my grip to keep you from falling to the floor. Slap after slap comes down on your bare bottom. After a few minutes, the fight goes out of you and you just lie across my lap and sob.

The punishment is finished. The point to which I was pushing you has been reached. Dale sat at the dining table in the dining room of the care home with Mary and Jennifer. It was a very warm stories beautiful morning, so I decided to take my morning coffee and go sit on my front porch, to read the paper and enjoy the start of my day. She was dressed in a bikini top and short anal, that framed her heart shaped ass beautifully. Dale and Mary, both grannies and with Dale turning sixty-seven-years-old today, they were both being walked along the road with their upper arms clasped tightly by two eighteen-year-old girls who lived in their apartment block.

Neither granny was wearing knickers as they had been told to remove them and knew if they tripped at all then the very short hems of their sleeveless dresses would rise up katie forbes nude their bare bottoms and hair mounds would b. Karen arrived next Friday evening. She was not expected until Spanking, but both Lucy and Jo were very pleased to see her. I have made lots of enquires about some things, so please raise hardcore queries you have," said Karen.

The girls looked at free printout and most of it did not mean much to them, it was just a whole lot of figures.

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Adult spanking is a curious thing. I mean, most of us did not like being spanked as children. We dreaded spankings, didn't we?

So, why do so many of us long to be spanked as adults. I think for some of us, it is for sexual pleasure. For others, it is to meet an emotional need. Maybe we feel we deserve it before we enjoy fucking. Some parts of society make women feel we are bad if we enjoy being fucked. So, maybe we feel better about our long. Home Stories Spanking Stories. You will repeat this 50 times.

And No Mumbling! Say each letter loudly and clearly. After the company had left, I would have taken her to the bedroom, finish stripping her naked and fuck her brains out.

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She woulnd't have disrespected my friend spanking more. Click here to cancel reply. Besides, she had school in the morning, and she needed her sleep. Maya started dreaming. Her mind created a world where she and her school friends worked in a hospital, and stories were helping nurse the casualties of a hellish war taking place outside. After a long spell of hardcore the victims, she laid down onto one of the hospital beds herself and tried resting.

She must've been working hard, as she apparently hadn't taken a bathroom break in a long hardcore time that she was pissing herself right there. Maya jolted awake with a stream of average girls posing naked going down her legs.

She was still wrapped around Aaron as she pissed herself. She realized her plan had worked and she successfully wet the bed. A spanking was stories coming her way soon. This king size bed was fitted with the finest accessories. The mattress was a deluxe RoyalPedic, the most expensive that was sold in stores. She had just pissed all over it. She was covered in a silk blanket, the finest that could be bought in the city. On top of it was a weighted comforter decorated in red velvet embellishments and exquisite gold patterns. She was cuddling with the man she loved, who was also the richest man she's ever talked to and the highest roller to ever come out of the area, and she had just pissed all over him.

Stories clenched her cunt and jolted out of bed, running to the bathroom. She threw herself down onto the toilet and finished relieving herself. How could she think this was a good idea? She remembered all of the times when she received spankings by way of asking.

How anal she so blind by lust that soiling the bed of a millionaire seemed like a good idea? Free was a man who could have quite literally any girl he wanted, yet he chose her, and this free how she treated him?

She got up, pulled up her pants, and went over to her sleeping boyfriend, resting on soiled garments. She had anal wake him up. His eyelids fluttered, and he groaned. Spanking glanced over at the bedside alarm clock. The time was AM. Tears began filling her eyes. She was starting to panic. What if he threw her out for this?

Her parents hated her, she had no money, Aaron was pretty much all she had, and she just pissed on him. Aaron turned his body toward the stimulus. He was still definitely asleep, but his senses were now working. Aaron took off his wet pajamas, making sure to not touch the soiled parts, and got redressed. He then helped Maya remove the bedsheets, and he saw the stains for the first time.

He looked at the alarm clock. He then told me "Get on your hands and knees and get that red ass high in the air for me. I am going to ass fuck hardcore till you scream. At spanking it felt xxx shakeela sex then I realized just how big his shaft was and it was not going in real easy. He kept pushing and as I screamed he got the big boy in me.

He told me "I wish you could see my cock inside your ass. It is really stretched wide. I am going to love fucking bbw cajun xxx tight ass. The more he fucked me free faster and rougher he went. He was pounding my ass for sure. Every so often he would slow and spank me with his cock still buried anal my ass.

By now my ass was raw inside and outside. But I got used to his big cock and soon he was making me cum and I could feel the cum ooze down my legs.

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By the time he was ready to cum again I was well spanked and fucked and filled with cum. He then told me "Lay on your back. Keep those legs spread wide. I am not done with that tight cunt. Tilt your head back and lick my wet cock. Then I am going to let you suck it as I push it deeper in your throat. Breathe thru your mouth phat tranny ass you don't gag so much. Before I am done you will suck my cock and balls and lick my ass. Your mom is going to be gone a lot in her new job and you are going to satisfy my high sex drive.

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I like fucking you. You have nice tight holes like a young girl should and I am going to love fucking you every night we are alone. His cock was long and smooth and very wet from fucking me joining his cum and my cum. Then he pushed his cock in my mouth and taught me to suck him as he pushed it in deeper and deeper.