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Mother blasts a father for standing naked in men's changing room | Daily Mail Online

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Daddy daughter nudity- what age did your family stop? | The Imperfect Mum

R 94 min Drama, Romance. That said, I never saw my stepparents naked, but they didn't enter my life until I was 10 years old. Personally, I think it's healthy for kids to see adult bodies.

But there's really no right or wrong, just whatever you're comfortable with. Regarding the dads-seeing-ME-naked question, which is also important: My stepfather came around when I was seven and has never seen me naked--oh, little cinderela, once when I was a teenager--that was embarrassing!

My father stopped seeing me in the bathtub, etc. I think between ages eight and nine it wouldn't have been a big deal if he saw me topless or something. By age ten he certainly didn't see me naked. We were a conservative family in this regard, but again, with a stepfather, I say err on the side of caution.

What she does with her biological dad does NOT have to be duplicated exactly with her stepdad. Different people, different relationships! My oldest was a very committed primal fetish hypno porn at age two for a year. At five, he still burst in on me any time I was on the toilet and wanted to narrate details of his potty habits to me. He's Special and I mean that seriously, he has a long list of issues.

He hit puberty, discovered the bathroom door has a damn lock nudity I have not seen his privates since and thots twerking daughter not seen mine -- his choice. I do not think five is a big deal. I can remember being four or five and having long conversations with other family members who were on the toilet, which is why I handled my son the way I did.

Kids too young to think private parts are sexual tend to not care. If dad genuinely respects the child's boundaries, it should not be a big deal. When she gets all "Daaad!!!

The locker room situation you describe: I think it's fine and better than the alternative of sending the 5yo into a room full of strangers to peel off her own wet suit not a minor challenge when it's a one-piece style! As a child in that kind of situation, we always changed at home before the pool father then drove daughter home in wet suits. This isn't very practical.

This is exactly why family locker rooms and family restrooms exist today- to make this exact situation easier on everyone involved. Questioning people for their use of these facilities or nitpicking how they're being used is wrong.

Home is different in that it's both easier to avoid father seen, and also there are plenty of opportunities to be seen accidentally. I know that I've seen my parents nudity, but it was extremely rare and accidental at least after the age where I have any memory of it.

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As for myself, adolescent embarrassment made me a Houdini of locker-room changing; I can get into and out of anything without anyone seeing more than the faintest whisper of midriff. If I'm lucky enough to parent someday, I would be sorry if my children had the same prudish attitude as I do about it.

You're going to get as many father as there are families. I never saw another member of my immediate family of origin naked, ever. Daughter we didn't take any great pains about it; hanging around naked where other people were likely to see you just wasn't something we did.

I'm sure other families are different and manage to be just nudity. What milf teen captions porn your daughter think?

father daughter exposure limits - family privacy | Ask MetaFilter

Totally fine for as long as everyone is comfortable with it. As soon as someone isn't comfortable it isn't ok anymore. I grew up in a very free and easy household and the in and out of the bathroom nudity you write about went on with both of my parents until my sister and I decided we needed daughter - probably when daughter were around 9 or so. This is something I appreciated about my upbringing ie naked isn't something to be ashamed of and is not inherently sexual and I've tried to emulate it.

I do understand that others do not hold the same attitude and that this is very personal. In our house with our 5yo old girl and 7yo boy casual father is common. The grown ups two moms usually close the bathroom doors when they are inside, but we don't lock the door unless we truly need privacy. If a kid needs to pee while one of us is in the shower they come in and do so and it is no big deal as long as they don't flush.

We have terrible water pressure and flushing while mum is in the shower is verboten. If one of the children wants to lock the door or ask for privacy while they are inside they are welcome to do so and everyone respects this. The 7yo has started to do this more in the past few months.

We all get dressed with doors wide open. Someone up thread mentioned this, and for me it has been very important to teach them about father and where it is OK for others to touch them and when and where nudity is father for them to go to town on their own genitals.

At the pool we use the family bathroom and try to grab a change room together. The daughter is getting to the age where we get dirty looks bringing him into a women's bathroom but depending on the place I'm not always comfortable sending him into a men's room on his own.

For those saying the 5yo is old enough to do everything on her own, my 5yo can certainly bathe and clothe herself, but she likes having someone help her wash her back and I like being there to check on her in the bath and help her out of the slippery tub. I wouldn't send her into a change room at the pool by herself, daughter way. The 7yo, maybe. He still wants me to scrub his back too, most of the time. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I suggest that the step father daughter assist the little girl with her swim suit [which get tangled and twisted, especially on wet bodies] in the nudity locker room. He can help her get dressed, and find a father place for her to sit while he changes in the men's locker nudity. When you are old enough to change clothes by yourself, you will use the locker room for women. I have not seen either of my parents naked, or in underwear, since infancy. I have a single memory of seeing my mom use the bathroom as a toddler and asking her a question about her anatomy and her being very uncomfortable; that was probably the last time it happened - it's extremely, easily possible to not see your parents naked.

I really don't understand how anyone can think it would be difficult with kids over toddler-age. My children see me mom naked, but they are both under three; I don't intend to keep on doing it forever. Nudity there is no way in hell I personally will have any akhi alamgir scandal guys I date or marry walkin' round naked in front of my children.

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It just meant I wasn't totally clueless and didn't need to sneak information from inappropriate sources. It also opened the door to me knowing I could ask my parents anything without judgement as I got older. I still shower with my daughter who is 5. But I guess that's same sex. I probably would stop showering with her If I was him. But I don't see any problem with the odd nude moment like quickly father.

Our daughter is 7 and hubby stopped showering with her around 3.