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Since the sex-ed class at her children's school was removed, Lois decides to become the school's newest sex-ed teacher. In class, she attempts to teach students about safe sexbut her efforts are ruined by a botched attempt of Peterwho wishes to distribute his views on sex as well.

Soon after family first sex-ed class, parental protests arise as Lois taught kids about safe ways to perform guy sexrather than abstinence. As a result, Lois is subsequently fired. She is replaced by a reverend who promotes both premarital and marital abstinence, explaining fictional consequences of intercourse with various questionable examples. The idea appeals to most students, including Megwho starts a sex with a fellow student named Doug.

In a subplot, Stewie loses a tooth and is told about the tooth fairy. Frightened by the fairy tale, Stewie develops a plan to capture the fairy, not knowing she does not exist. He borrows Herbert's false teeth and provokes Brian 's girlfriend Jillian to throw up, as she has bulimia nervosain order to collect hot gay cops fucking teeth as well. Brian, overseeing Stewie's increasing obsession with the fairy, reveals to Stewie that she lois not exist, but another scene shows a man named T.

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Fairy, having an apparent tooth fetishstealing teeth to roll around in them. Peter, truly believing the anti-sex propaganda Meg brings home, starts wearing a chastity belt and refuses to have sex with Lois. In her place, Lois, growing tired of the whole ordeal, convinces Peter to change his mind after raping him.

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At the same time, Lois catches Meg and Doug engaging in "ear sex" which has become a fad at the school. Meg explains they did it so that it would not count as sex "in the eyes of the Lord. Lois tells the kids that while they should not have sex until they are ready, everyone has urges and it all natural nude butts okay to have premarital sex, but only as long as it is practiced safely and encourages them to use condoms.

Following this revelation, Meg's boyfriend breaks up with her after discovering Meg's naked appearance. Humiliated, Meg blames Lois for ruining her relationship and runs away to her room, sobbing. Sock it to me! Many scenes from the original episode were seen as vulgar and were removed from the television broadcast.

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One of the scenes removed was from the beginning of the episode when Stewie, Chris, and his friends were watching Genital Hospitala reference to the television show General Hospital. The original scene had included the doctor on the film undoing his zipper after discussing the patient's health georgia jones freeones. The edited version cut away before the family could undo his zipper, but the sound can still be heard when it cuts back to Chris and his friends watching the porno.

On the TV version, Peter is still naked, but it is implied through sound effects rowan blanchard xxx Lois forcibly pushed him to the floor and she has a hand on her ear impling Peter attempted ear sex.

A scene in which Brian, wearing a robe, informs Lois of the weird-tasting Smuckers jelly in the fridge leads Peter to reveal that the Smuckers was on his penis was edited on TV so that way he states that the jelly was on his crotch.

The scene was added after the episode had been made but prior to broadcasting. When Peter joins Meg in her quest to be abstinent, the TV version has a gag sex Peter keeps mispronouncing the word, Meg corrects him, and Peter punishes lois by sending her to her room. The Adult Swim and Sex version replaces that scene with one that was edited for being insensitive to Asian people in which Peter tells Meg that now that he is abstinent, he will be as untouched as the turn signal on an Asian woman's car, followed by a cutaway of an Asian lady causing an accident on an family highway.

In the scene involving Stewie entering Herbert 's house, a picture guy Chris with the body of a model was in the animatic, but not shown on TV. This deleted scene is featured in the episode animatic on the season five DVD set. As Lois is informed the sex education classes will be terminated, she exclaims "Oh, no! The scene guy to Michael Jackson in his childhood form eating a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheatssaying that he likes the frosted side, while the grown-up in him likes his younger self.

Peter decides to become a falconer. He acquires a falcon, which he names Xerxes and trains to fetch him pisscam. As Peter sets off to take Xerxes to the park, they spot a couple on a motorcycle with a sidecar, and uses Xerxes to hijack the motorcycle and steal it. He ends up losing everything, including Xerxes, when the motorcycle owner files a lawsuit against him.

Lois berates him for losing everything, and is forced to get a job. Waiting lois the employment agency, a man named Randy offers her voice work.

She believes she will be appearing on television and in movies, but when she gets to the office, she finds it is a phone sex operation. Despite tamil sexe movie reservations, she is lured by the money and decides to give it a try. She finds herself answering calls for most of the men in town and returns lois exhausted and not in the mood for sex. Quagmire gives him the number for his favorite phone sex service.

Later at home, Peter sex the line. Lois answers and quickly figures out that it is Peter. She entertains him, and he becomes attracted to her voice without realizing who it is. Later, Lois asks about his day and tries to get some thoughts out of him about his experience.

Peter calls the sex line again family and asks for a date. Lois objects because he is married, but begrudgingly agrees, and later confides guy her friend Bonnie. At the Drunken Clam, Peter tells Joe and Quagmire about wanting to meet his phone sex woman, and the guys warn him against it.

Peter wants to go through with it regardless. Lois sees Peter dressed up to go out. He makes up a story about going out of town, leaving Lois depressed and angry. She dresses up too, but disguised, and goes out to meet Peter. Peter opens up to her, not knowing it is Lois, and goes ahead and has sex with her, still unaware of who she is.

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Eight hours later, an angry Lois reveals the truth. Despite being shocked and appalled that Lois was doing phone sex, Peter admits that he big cock indonesia did know it was Lois on the phone, which proves to him that they were true soul-mates and he really did love her. Peter and Lois completely gross out Chris and Meg with their show of affection. However, Stewie watches Peter and Lois having sex and asks if they can have a threesome.