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Easy-access agreement. Images marked as Easy-access downloads are not included in your Premium Access or subscription package with Getty Images, and you will be billed for any images that you use. He did add—while talking with Primero Noticias—that he would not retire entirely from working on the small screen, as he will be focusing on a TV series and other film projects he is involved with in the U. His announcement comes after speculation that he naked pics of erika mayshawn return to the remake of "Cuna de Lobos," after the reboot "Por Derecho de Sangre," which he was supposed to star in, was initially canceled.

However, Levy's confirmation that he is taking a break from all telenovelas means he will not be back in Mexico anytime soon.

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The actor's decision to not return to telenovelas has been met with some controversy, as there are rumors swirling that Levy does not like working in Mexico. When doing interviews in the country, Levy was completely surrounded by bodyguards during his visit. Images marked as Easy-access downloads are not included in your Small teen video cum Access or subscription package william Getty Images, and you will be billed for any images that you use.

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Triumph of Love ()

Release info:. Not released. More information. Maria is taken to hospital, where Dr. Victoria goes mad with grief and Bernarda took the opportunity to take Juan Pablito's home, where she plans to make him a priest when he grows up, to make up for the sins she has made in the past. Max refuses to stay away from the love of Maria and removes the cloth insulation. He lays next to Maria, where he acquires the virus, bleeds from his nose as Maria did, and passes out.

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Meanwhile, Bernarda is arrested by federal authorities when evidence that she was the mastermind of the kidnapping of the son of Maria in the past. Leonela learns the location of Max and goes to hospital, where he communicates Leonela, Heriberto, Victoria and Max is in Phase 2 of the disease and that his situation is more delicate than that of Maria. Max passes through the virus and Victoria helps her daughter Maria get over the virus.

Cruz Pablo Montero and Fer bonbonme 3gp to adopt. Then, Bernarda is poisoned by drinking poisoned wine. Bernarda is then trapped in a car which is caught on fire; she breaks the window and gets out of her car, kills Eva, then proceeds to run from the law. Bernarda goes on a plane and dies in a plane crash.

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Guillermo was stabbed by Jimena, but survives. Osvaldo receives a call from his friend, and moves to Spain. Leonela was crashed by Jimena with a broken glass, but she survives.

Jimena arrives at Max and Maria's wedding, attempting to kill Maria, but fails and runs away to Guillermo's house.

Triumph of Love ()

Guillermo and Jimena commit suicide when they drive their car off a cliff. Maria and Max are happily in love with their two kids Juan Pablito and Osvaldito. Victoria is happy with her boyfriend Heriberto and her family. Fer is happy with her husband Cruz and their adopted daughter Victoria Robles Sandoval. Leonola is happy with her two grandkids, her son and daughter in law Maria. Only true love can triumph over all the tricks, traps, intrigue, treachery and wickedness that seek to destroy, only then can there be the triumph of love and finally at the end the triumph of love is complete.

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