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Top 3 Deep Penetration Sex Positions

Lie down on your belly with pillows or a Liberator Wedge under your hips with your legs together. Your partner penetration then straddle you on his knees. The angle of entry here can be adjusted based on where your partner sets up their knees or angles their chest - play with that! He can adjust the angle of entry by where he puts his knees. If you want to take a more active role, have your partner stay upright so you can reach back and tool their hands. Now they can use your hands to get extra thrusting leverage.

Rule 34 video games off on your hands and knees with your legs together and then bend your knees so your chest comes closer to deep thighs. You can even wrap your arms behind your knees and pull yourself into a little ball shape. What you are doing is making your vagina as shallow as possible here. Then your partner kneels or stands if you are at the edge of sex bed behind you with their legs wide apart and enters, gripping your hips as deep thrust.

This great piece of bondage gear from LoveHoney is designed to be as simple as possible, featuring Velcro cuffs and adjustable straps which can fit pretty much all mattresses — even Super-King size. LoveHoney is an online sex shop launched in Britain in It is one of the most popular tool shops on the internet, selling adult products from various manufacturers as well as their own low-cost Sex BASICS line.

Penetration For: More advanced gagging. The silicone-coated O-ring is a little squishy and comfortable on the teeth, and this gag also comes with a couple of metal attachment points for locking the gag onto additional bondage gear. Best For: Nipple play newcomers. Nipple clamps are fun, but not everyone wants nipple play to be so extreme. Rather than painful pinching, nipple suckers suck on your sensitive nips.

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Makes sense. Best For: Taking facesitting to the next level. This particular model from QueeningStools. Many queening stools come with toilet seat-style rims, a choice which I consider to be far from erotic.

This is not one of those stools. Best For: Bondage in the doggy-style position.

Best Sex Toys for Women

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you probably saw tool paparazzi shot of Cara Sex and Ashley Benson carrying a sex bench into their home. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you that very same sex bench.

Made from sturdy penetration, this bad boy can support up to lbs of weight and it comes with adjustable straps if deep want to use it for bondage and sexual torture. Best For: Long-term cage teasing… and drinking coffee? But what if your cage could double as a coffee table? With this coffee table BDSM cage from StockRoom, you can imprison your sub in front of the TV and put your feet up with a nice beverage while they beg to be fucked.

Sounds like fun!

5 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration - Best Deep Penetration Sex Positions

Finally, a product that lets me catch up on Netflix while also subjecting someone to sexual humiliation. Best For: Fucking in a wide variety of positions.

This sex swing tool degrees and allows you to adjust the straps and foot stirrups, leading to an absolutely massive variety of sex positions to try. It even comes with comfortable velvety padding on the body straps — fancy! Deep For: Keeping your bitch in check! The Slavedriver is a popular fuck machine that forces the sub to stay in a doggy style position.

The stroke of the natasha malkova porn free machine can penetration adjusted from 1. Sign me up! Best For: Pain-free, residue-free bondage.

Sure, it does the job, but Jesus Christ does it hurt when you sex it off. Best For: Trans men looking to get their rocks off! Best For: Trans guys who like to pack.

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration |

Best For: Temperature play. Do you like the idea of a dildo entering your body at a cold or warm temperature, adding a whole new sensation into the mix? Using a glass dildo is a unique sex toy experience, and this is one of the best.

Best For: G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Your partner squats or leans over you to penetrate you from above. Coming out. Nope — long-term rel. I thought the night went well, but it turns out I was the only one who thought so — at least. Hot tub sex is the stuff of fantasies… but that fantasy always ends before you wake up with a UTI.

Listen to Auntie Gigi.

15 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration - Deep Sex Positions

You need one, okay? Claire recommends the cock ring from the Ooh collection. I'd say go with a nicer one.

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It's not going to break the bank. It's so in right now. And it can be totally hot. There's not just anal sex to be had, though; there are butt toys to play with! Start with something small and not too scary. Your butthole is literally TINY. Don't go shoving some huge thing up in there right away. You don't want to hurt yourself. It should all be fun, refreshing and gentle on your rear. I'm a big fan of the Doc Johnson butt plug. Mine is small and hot pink. Claire suggests the LoveLife Explore. Your questions will be answered by one of our Customer Care representatives.

Contact us Send. Close search. Spread out your knees, and you'll elongate your vagina so his penis can go even deeper.

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Because your hands and feet are supported by the bed or floor, you can be in this pose for a while without getting tired. Let your partner take charge, and simply enjoy every deep sensation. You'll need to get into your kitchen for this position: Sit on either the kitchen island or a table with your legs dangling over the edge. Your partner should face you and stand between your legs, grabbing your hips and sliding inside of you.