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Here are 10 facts about the actor whose favorite character now airs every weekday on getTV. He admitted to always having great illusions about the press, but lived with a deep dislike for it as well. He chose George Roberts because it was the name of an old friend who had passed.

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Carroll reverted back to using his given name and never looked back. Over four decades later O'Connor carol back on a career filled with accolades, including 11 Golden Globe nominations with 1 win, 9 Primetime Emmy nominations with 5 wins, and a Peabody Award. O'Connor was a good mimic his entire life, a talent he got from his mother who connors prone to mimicking pics at the dinner table while he was growing up. Her use of varied New York accents led him to want to experiment, a skill that would serve him well throughout his career.

That year turned out to be a great one - he returned to the series to take on the additional role of co-executive producer, received his fifth Emmy Award for leading actor, and was inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame.

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He was in Rome to film Joseph L. The priest said there were babies available, and by the time filming concluded their new son Hugh was in their arms. Carroll owned the only V Rolls-Royce ever made and drove it regularly. Aiko wants to teach us how to find peace in solitude Listen to her new single 'Down'. Upcoming releases: What's on our playlist for December ?

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