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Booby is strong and agile flyer.

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It usually flies boobys speed of 24 miles per hour. Due to clumsy appearance on the solid ground, bobby was labeled as "stupid" fun nude babe gym first European settlers. Its name is derived from Spanish word "bobo" which means "stupid". Booby is active during the day diurnal. When a typical brood of one to three chicks hatches, both parents feed and care for them. Read Caption. Anyway, blue-footed boobies don't have this. They use their lovely blue webbed feet to keep their eggs warm.

Although the feet are blue, the color has nothing to do with the blood flow. In other words, it works well to keep the eggs warm. The boobies are a very have tourist attractions and the local vendors in Galapagos have a bunch of awesome souvenirs made in their blueish honor.

What is Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and why is it significant?

We saw this guy in an art gallery on Santa Cruz, Galapagos. You can buy these funny shirts everywhere in the Galapagos! Those are my 11 awesome blue-footed booby facts! These are awesome birds and really fun to watch. Please tell me in the comments wich fact was your favorite or one that I missed. Tagged as: Galapagos Islands.

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Boobies get their name from their tameness and lack of fear of humans; they were easily killed by early mariners, who named them boobies to denote their presumed lack of intelligence. Though boobies are traditionally grouped in the order Pelecaniformes, some taxonomists have suggested that on the basis of genetic data, they and the related gannets should be grouped with cormorants family Phalacrocoracidaedarters family Anhingidaeand frigate birds family Fregatidae in the order Suliformes.

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Interesting facts about the three types of boobies in the Galapagos Islands

Sula Brisson Pelecanus leucogaster Boddaert Brown booby Sula leucogaster. Masked booby Sula dactylatra.

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Nazca booby Sula granti. Peruvian booby Sula variegata.

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Cladogram showing the species in the genus Sula. Sula nebouxii Milne-Edwards Sula leucogaster Boddaert Sula dactylatra Lesson Sula granti Rothschild Baby blue footed booby.

Blue footed booby diving.