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I wore sunglasses that covered my bright green eyes. Misty was a bubbly, sexy girl. She looked to be in her early twenties and had bleached blonde hair and big brown eyes. Her breasts looked to be about a B cup and they were perfectly round and matched her shapely bum. I was in heaven. I found ral seven bikinis, four bikini sex and a couple dresses to try on.

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This place had everything I was looking for. When Misty came to check on me I handed her the items I had and we walked to the changing room together. I spent thirty minutes trying on the different outfits and styles.

Misty was there every time I needed something and was more than happy to help when I needed a bikini top tied or a dress zipped up. I think the red would look stunning on you. She stepped out and I slipped the other bikini top I had on over my head and put on the red one.

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I needed help tying it in the back so I asked Misty to come in and help me. She slipped inside and closed the door behind her. Then she slowly tied it in place. It was past now but still light and there was hardly anyone around, apart from a young couple throwing a frisbee and an older couple strolling with grandchildren. There were a few boats anchored offshore but they seemed unoccupied.

As we got closer to the seashore we paired off with Mark and Amanda holding hands while Bikiniso had his arm around me. The soft sand had long since changed into the familiar firm damp kind that a receding tide leaves behind and, when we reached the water's edge, the sea was gently lapping. None of us could resist the temptation to have a paddle but, in a moment of madness, Amanda dropped her sandals and ran headlong into the sea fully clothed.

When the water reached her waist she bikiniso herself under the water and emerged with her flimsy dress completely soaked and clinging to every contour of her firm body. They waded in slowly and were soon with us telling us that we were mad. When Leon kissed ral and began to squeeze my breast I knew that I wanted him and it was obvious that the other two were equally aroused.

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