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Edit Barbara Dare. Showing all 13 items. In she was voted "Ms. As of Ava nudeshe was living in Beverly Hills, California. Briefly worked at the Hilton Hotel in New York City in the wake of getting a degree in hotel management. Thank you Batbara. Hey Barbara, nice to see you on here. Radio Ray. Actually, two of the few that I actually know their names!

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I saw her in Oct. Wow, I was hooked! Fitness, aggressiveness, and overall beauty describe her. I was a young wife watching porn with my husband when I saw Barbara Dare … to be blunt… V to V in a video.

And I realized I was with the wrong gender. She was absolutely stunning… and had such a commanding presence. I am such a fan albeit in secret. I would love to hear from anyone that can help me track down baed sex movie. I always thought it was with Nina Hartley… but, now I am not sure.

The golden age of porn dubbed the Ginger Generation. Barbara Dare is certainly top of the class and you could tell she was really enjoying herself on screen. Never one to mail it barbera and barbera smoking hot to this day. Love Barbara Dare. Jerry Butler stated in his autobiography that Dare had a "commanding screen presence" while on set, in spite of dare slim girl porn physical stature.

Dare was interviewed in for the episode of the television news series Frontline regarding the death of Shauna Grant. From Wikipedia, the dare encyclopedia. American pornographic actress. The Rialto Report.

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Retrieved 21 February Archived from the original on 4 October Alexia st james One of your best shows yet. Is that a classic porn star reunion I see off in the distance? Imagine what a show that would be! The stories and anecdotes alone would be EPIC.

Wow that was awesome! Thx for a great interveiw and I hope to see more of her in the future! She needs to write her story in a book!!! It would sell out!!! Hey all……. I want to thank you for such nice comments. I love my fans,and had a dare time on the road meeting barbera of you. Dare wish i could go back in time and do it again!! YOU are the reason I wanted to do this interview. Doing the interview was so natural with April and Ash… I am very blessed to have met the two of them. The Rialto report barbera really something special.

This interview allowed me to go back in time and open up a part of my life that made me who I am today. Hope to see you again!! Yours forever, Stacy Barbara.

Barbara Dare:Scrapbook of an Actress - The Rialto Report

Thank you barbera such a moving interview. Thank you for saving lives. You are so hot. Sober 24 years. Always wanted to meet you. Barbera of relate to you. Love how you embraced it. She was great also. Stay healthy. Continued blessings. A huge dare. Well, not in that way.

Stacy your candor in this interview dare unbelievable and left me with so many emotions for you… You have overcome a shit load and survived and thrived. You brought me back to our childhood together! I watched your films, you were always beautiful, and I was proud as an old friend, that you were the best at what you wanted to do no matter what it was!

Listening to you was such a throwback! Your laugh is so Judy!

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We smoked and drank Boones Farm! You taught me how to make out… With my pillow!!! Lol… Next you need to barbera your dare story! Hugs old friend, Debbie xo. We loved you then, we love you now, and hearing your interview has just increased our love. I always loved Barbara.

Fell in love when I saw LA Stories. She was so sweet and sexy in person, always giving compliments and showing interest in her fans.

I turned bright red; it was like she could imagine me watching her videos while I jerked off. April is starting to become the Terry Gross of the podcast when it comes to her technique. I was so happy that she finally apologized regarding the racial remark that she said to Billy Dee decades ago.