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The resort boasts a whopping seven jacuzzis and three swimming pools and is geared for those looking to party and have fun. The resort is great fun for couples and singles alike and its three swimming pools have different themes and are topless-optional.

The town is known as a yoga-mecca and draws cuckold training gifs a nature-loving, hippy crowd. The beach at Zipolite is known as nudist-friendly, with many visitors taking a dip in the sea in the nude.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price. Punta Serena is a clothing-optional resort on the Pacific Coast in Jalisco.

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The all-inclusive resort has a clothing-optional private beach where you can plunge into the sea in the buff. The resort also has a topless-optional swimming and hot tubs with stunning views across the bay of Tenacatita.

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Guest love the cliff-side jacuzzis and gazing at the ocean, perhaps even spotting dolphins and whales as they swim across the bay. I was surrounded by strangers in lingerie and fetish-wear free porn preview, but the thing that felt the weirdest was the atmosphere of total acceptance. Later that night, I joined a few other writers to check out a sex toy demonstrationonly to find out that this was a live sex toy demonstration.

Not only were people of various ages and sizes getting naked, they were actually using sex toys in front of an audience.

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And again, the atmosphere was one of total acceptance. Judgmental looks? Not at Hedo. Over the next few days, I saw people having sex in a pool and in an open-air cabana. I saw nude men and women walking around or lounging on the beach without any sign of self-consciousness or insecurity. Again and again, I was more surprised by how comfortable people seemed, and how encouraging and accepting those around them were, than by all the sex and nudity going on.

And then it was my turn to get naked.

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Hedonism II is divided into two beaches: the Prude beach, where you can wear clothes or not, and the Nude beach, where nudity is required. So after an afternoon of snorkeling in my bikini success!

Cancun, Mexico While visiting a clothing-optional resort by yourself is not exactly smiled upon and kinda creepy, no? Which is a good thing, because you're expected to be be naked the whole time. There's also an awesome lazy river.

Nude Beaches and Clothing-Optional Resorts in Jamaica

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic If interpreted the wrong way, whale watching at a nude resort sounds like one of the more nauseating things you could do on vacation. But from December through April, North Atlantic Humpback whales have their own version of spring break and migrate to the breeding grounds just off the coast of this clothing-optional, all-inclusive resort.

So, regardless of how big the naked dude by the pool actually is, you'll still be spying marine mammals on your naked whale watch. The nude side of the beach and pool are exactly that: fully nude, don't be a prude. But in the public areas -- the restaurant, the lobby, the courtyard -- you gotta make the dick flashing videos to put on at least a little something. Full-on pants seem unlikely.

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Vidya balan xx make sure you know what the rules are for swingers before you go. In addition to beachside fine dining and four secluded beaches including Antigua's only clothing optional patch of sandthere's even a three-bedroom, four-bathroom house you can rent if you want to keep your nudity away from the rest of the clothing-required resort. Nope, this remote resort in Bocas del Toro goes more all-natural than Adam and Eve by collecting rainwater and powering the joint with solar panels.

But if you want a vacation that goes au natural in every way possible, this is one of the best places on Earth. Jamaica is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean for nude beach lovers.

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There's something about the extensive beaches, hot sun, and availability of ganja that inspires honeymoon couples and other adults on romantic getaways to shed their clothing along with their inhibitions on Jamaica's golden beaches and inside its clothing-optional resorts.

Going nude isn't obscene or just for exhibitionists, though. However, going linsey lohan toon porn in public is technically against the law in Jamaica, but this law is only really enforced on public beaches that explicitly forbid nudity.

Otherwise, there are parts of the island's beaches and private resorts where nudity is commonly enjoyed by sunbathers and the authorities don't intrude. As a result, it's important to keep in mind that some areas are designated as "adults only," and these locations typically allow limited nudity such as a woman going topless at the beach.